I'm loving these spam thread titles

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kagayours, Jul 16, 2015.

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  1. Every time I think the titles can't get any more ridiculous, they out-do themselves. I've reached the point where I have no idea what any of them are even trying to say anymore. They used to be sentences that were sloppy but I at least felt like I knew what they were getting at (like I think one was like "the best perfection" or something and I was like "I feel like it's difficult to improve perfection much less compare different levels of it"), but now we have "later when his devotees" and it's like I'm sorry but I don't even know what that sentence was.
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  2. Gives me a good laugh whenever I see them. They're ridiculous.
  3. "If we put random words in random sequences, their mods won't suspect us. "
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  4. I find it funny when the title doesn't match up with what's being sold.

    Like, when the title and the product seem to be completely unrelated.

    Also, Spambot names.
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  5. Also, is it just me, or do more of them seem to be coming?
  6. Yeah, they've been more common in the past week or two it seems.
  7. They're getting more numerous! Soon, the first page will be full of them!
    Then, the whole forum!

    Thankfully, our Mods are on the job!
  8. Bots have infiltrated another roleplay forum I'm on with titles just as ridiculous, I actually look forward to seeing what they come up with xD
  9. Having been an early riser they always seem to pop up in general at roughly 5am est.

    It's a little uncanny. Like they're making the rounds everyday and stop by to deliver their pasted payload.
  10. It's all one dude in China just trolling us.
  11. I bet he speaks perfect English but he's pretending he can't just to mess with us.
  12. I also like tha names of the spam bots themselves.

    One yesterday basically called itself spam. (Fake Mail9090909090 or whatever.)
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  13. It's almost like it's saying "yeah we all know I'm a spam bot but like hear me out on this one"
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  14. Our response:

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  15. They come in waves. O__O We'll go through periods of not getting any and then suddenly there will be a bunch. The ones that are getting through our filters are Real People who are hired to sign up on forums to get past the spambot filters, so I assume they just rotate site lists every few months or something. >>
  16. *Comes in thinking you're talking about the Guild*
    *Upon seen comments realizes you mean spam bots*

    Eh, both are rather hard to translate at times.
    And both quite a journey to understand and decipher. :3

  18. Why are people starting wars without telling me?

    *Gets Baneblade ready*
  19. *Bans Gwazi from any and every thread that involves a war*
  20. Was this for real?
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