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  1. This is the first time I've done this so please only criticism that can be helpful. I want to role play about one of these three things:soul eater,fullmetal alchemist, or SAO. I prefer not sexual content and minor swearing is fine but please don't swear every sentence, every other sentence, and so on. I will be on in approx 17-19 hours if not then 41-43 hours.i will not set the stage for thats no fun it's better to hear others ideas it makes things more fun.
  2. I would love to do either a full metal alchemist or soul eater roleplay, if that would be okay ^_^
  3. Hello miss I appricate your reply and would like to rp with you. What time would be convenient for you?
  4. Any time after today would be wonderful, thank you very much, that was extremely nice ^_^
  5. What do you mean after tonight miss
  6. Sorry(momentarily forgot about time zones T,T) any time is cool by me ^_^
  7. What time zone to you live in? I live in the eastern time zone of the us
  8. Really?! Me too XD
  9. That rather nice. Pardon me if I'm sound rude but do you go to work or school or neither?
  10. No that's not rude at all. Currently, I am attending school ^_^
  11. Also, what kind of roleplay plot were you thinking of?
  12. I reckon you get off of school anytime from 2:30-3:30
  13. And I don't know about plot. Would you like using the normal characters or make up characters?
  14. I generally prefer to use OC characters, but I'm cool with either.
  15. Good I don't like creating characters off the top of my head. Where will the setting be?
  16. idk ^_^. Would you rather do a full metal alchemist universe or soul eater?
  17. Kay awesome XD
  18. What character were you thinking?
  19. Soul kid or black star you?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.