I'm looking for some partners~ (don't let my checks scare you off, lets talk and change things)

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  1. A Little About Myself
    • I'm pretty chill about post length and grammar and stuff. I prefer a paragraph but those one liners like to come and go so don't worry.
    • I really prefer to be the submissive in the roleplay but if need be I will be the dom
    • I need someone to take me through the roleplay. If you and I talk about the roleplay OOC and come up with what's going to happen I'm not going to leave the work to you. BUT I NEED TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON IN THAT WONDERFUL MIND OF YOURS FIRST~
    • I will do FxM or MxM but I'm not too comfortable with FxF yet. We can do a side pairing where it's FxF but the whole thing can't be FxF.
    • I prefer to use anime pictures for our character sketches.
    • I'm really nice and understanding so if something comes up where you won't be on for a while or you don't like the way the roleplay is going, talk to me. But PLEASE don't leave without telling me why.
    • I'm a cool person so please, let's talk OOC sometimes!~ It's nice.
    Let's Talk Plot!
    I like to come up with the plot together, so there isn't going to be much here other than a few ideas I have.
    1. Teacher/Student: The teacher is tired of this student always being loud and disrespectful in his class. One day the student gets detention and well, let's say the ruler is used for some new things. (can be dub-con, non-con, or fully consensual. Either way I will prefer it to turn into a relationship. Preferably with BDSM) MxF or MxM
    2. Librarian/Anyone: Someone wants to take advantage of the cute and naive librarian in the college library (Will probably be dub-con or non-con relationship with a lot of force in the relationship. Where the librarian is blackmailed and shiz) MxF or MxM
    3. Brother/Sister or Brother: Idk what I want for this one, other than for the brother to force himself on the sister or brother, feel bad, but the sister or brother actually liked it and wants more.
    4. Brother's or Sister's older friend/Brother or Sister (or on their young sibling): Again, I don't really know what I want for this one.
    I don't mind changing things around, so please don't let any of this scare you off, talk to me~ I don't mind. I honestly just want to have a good time with a few new RP friends~
    PM or reply here~
    Thanks for taking your time to read through this~
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  2. Like because of rule 5.
    Also, I might have a brother x sister idea with a neat twist to the usual thing. If you are fine with step sister instead of blood related, feel free to drop me a pm.
  3. I'd like to do a brother/sister role play, though I don't like the idea of anyone forcing themselves on the other.
  4. I'll have the number two, thanks, waiter :P
  5. I would like to do the second plot as the librarian if you don't mind? I would also be alright with the first plot (teacher/student) if I could be the student? I know you said you prefer the submissive role, but I thought I just try and see if you are willing to dom or something? Also both would be mxm if that is alright?
  6. I'd be open to doing the first plot, and I'm fine playing as the teacher ^-^ If you're still looking for rp partners, pm me!
  7. I'd be up for a broxsis roleplay.
  8. If you're looking for partners still I'd be up for #4

    Send me a PM