I'm looking for an RP partner who's willing to play two characters(both female)

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  1. So basically i have the story set up I just dont have partners for the rp

    The story i'm going to keep simple

    A thief stole a certain item from a certain king who turned around and blamed his two daughters and had them to be executed but the thief isn't an jerk so he rescued the two princesses leaving quite a bit of guards dead and he left with them to another place out of the jurisdiction of the kingdom but the princesses are still mad at him and dont trust him at all but he still treats them with kindness even if they try to hurt him eventually they fell in love with him and realized hes stealing for a good cause but they want to be with him now but they dont want to fight so they decided to share him and this eventually leads to them doing all kinds of things together

    I'm looking for someone who will use anime pictures (those are the only pictures i use)
    I'm looking for someone who don't care about how long my post is
    I'm looking for people who are willing to create sisters with different personalities (it isn't fun if they have the same personality y'know)

    I already have my character set up i just need two female characters
  2. eh this is something im going to clarify since i just realized it now the events at the end of the story are not in chronological order first they realize hes stealing for a good cause then later they fall in love with him
  3. I'd be up for giving this a shot! It sounds interesting!
  4. Alright your free to create your characters but how long do you normally post? and do you use third person or first person (prefer third person)
  5. I post between 1-2 paragraphs, sometimes 3 if I'm super into it and can think of enough to make a third. As for perspective, I use third person too.
  6. do you care how much your partner post?
  7. Not at all! I've rped with people who post one liners to those who write novels! Whatever you post is good to me.
  8. Alright good your free to create your characters also thread or pm?
  9. I prefer pm. I'll get to work on my characters now.
  10. alright
  11. do you want it to start where he first saves them or after?
  12. When he saves them. Do you want me to post my Charas here or in the pm?
  13. doesn't matter where you post them
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.