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  1. Hi! I'm finally thinking of getting back into OnexOne. So I have a few things that I like to play:


    I like a detailed role-play. 2-3 paragraphs as well as no GM. I prefer either MxF or FxF. If you're interested you can reply here or PM me! Thanks.
  2. *Raises hand* Is interested.
  3. I'm interested if you're interested. Do you have any plots for the categories that you listed? Because if not I have some.
  4. I haven't really thought of any specific storylines yet, except for the Shifters one. I'd like to hear any ideas though!
  5. What's your idea for the shifter RP? o:
  6. A shifter pack is forced to choose sides as a civil war begins and even the children have to pledge the allegiance to one side or the other.
  7. I just started today and I'm interested in romance, assassins. What does FxF mean?
  8. Two girls.
  9. Oh so it's yuri! How do we start? If your interested I would like to try?
  10. Well if you want we can PM some ideas on the story then create a thread.
  11. I wouldn't mind trying out something with assassins. :3
  12. Wait...Is PM the same as conversation?
Thread Status:
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