I'm late and IDGAF! >:D


Divine Space Witch Ò◇Ó
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Hi Ili! XD Welcome to Iwaku! ....three months later?
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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
Welcome to Iwaku, lliana....wait, I know you!!

Hello, anyway : )


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I take it from the other posts you are returning...welcome back! Well, just welcome from me, I didn't know you before but hopefully I get to know you this time :)

Blind Hemingway

A former executive or something.
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Surrealism, Surreal Horror (Think Tim Burton), Steampunk, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Spaghetti Westerns, Mercenaries, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Historical fantasies
*Stares at the Pony.* Hrmm....Since you are one of those creatures, I cannot form a contract with you since you already use magic.