I'm Kinda Fly for a White Guy

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  1. If you get that title, you're awesome.

    Anyways I'm Greg Howe, a twenty year old from Canada. I came here on request from a friend who seemed to think that this place was alright. I enjoy video games, tropical fish (don't ask), and reading. (Also I tend to have random bouts of weird randomness, which comes and goes.) I'm open to anything really, and I love sci-fi, or mature roleplays. (Though I haven't roleplayed in ages, so I might not be up to par with the rest of you.)

    Now ladies, let your ovaries explode from my presence, and men; be jealous. (;
  2. Tropical fish? [shouldn't have said don't ask]

    Anyway..... Hi, Howe. I'm very jealous....not.
  3. Hey there. So yeah, following Dragon Chaos' lead, what's the deal with tropical fish? Also, I'm jealous for that gasmask in your avatar. A gasmask in the avatar means +1000 to overall coolness in my book, so you're welcome.