I'm just not finding what I want.

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  1. Well, hello.
    I'm very interested in writing and I love role playing.
    But I just can't seem to find the perfect RPing partner, or the perfect role play.
    I constantly lose interest.
    I'm not 100% sure what I want, but I know that for the role play, I'd like it to have:

    A good plot/storyline
    Good details/descriptions

    And in a RP partner:

    Be able to post more than once a day
    Have good spelling, grammar, and punctuation
    Post at least a paragraph
    Use good details

    It seems like a lot to ask, and I'm sorry for that.
    I'm very picky.

    I'm open to ideas, so if anyone can help, I would love to chat~

    Also, I've been very interested in LOTR/The Hobbit lately, so if someone wants to do that,
    I'm up for that too.

  2. I'm actually looking for an Roleplay Partner as well. We have alot of things in common actually. owo.
    First things first, My name is Rufia. I'm a senior at my highschool and I usually roleplay, write, and game during my free time. I am a girl and
    I''ve been a writer and a roleplayer for about three years now. But I just started on this site about a week ago and I've joined some roleplays but I haven't really found a partner which I roleplay alot with. I think I fit the criteria of what you want in a roleplay partner pretty well, I'm like online everyday, (however I'm in Asia so keep that in mind) I'm a writer like I said so I'm used to big paragraphs and details. I'm pretty much into every genre. I particularly love psychological roleplays, medieval roleplays, and weirdly zombie roleplays. And I've been the fan of LOTR for a while now, but I haven't thought about being in a roleplay about LOTR. :o

    Even if we don't become roleplay partners, I hope we can be good friends in the near future, coz you seem like a cool person. :>
  3. Well, thank you~
    If you like, you can add me on msn, skype, or yahoo, or you can just PM me here so we can talk about a role play to start together. :)

    Msn: MachineGunLola@hotmail.com

    Skype: Gummishy

    Yahoo: Akira.Seionshi@yahoo.com

    ~~hope to talk soon~~
  4. Here's a piece of advice from someone who has spent most of his RP career as a GM:

    I've dealt with this same problem before, but you just have to keep trying. You're not demanding much, and the things you want are perfectly justifiable. If you have a really good story in mind, I don't think you're going to want one-liners to describe it. Everything you ask for is well and good, except for maybe this part right here:

    Sure, I think there are people out there capable of posting high quality stuff more than once a day, but more often than not that is not the case. Quality writing takes time, and many people, especially those with jobs, barely have time to spare. I know how it feels to wait on an RP reply, and it's painful, but sometimes you just have to be patient, you know?
  5. I feel that I could potentially meet that challenge. You have to understand that I am a very busy person of course and sometimes the technology available does not always meet the challenge. If I have my laptop for example I can quite easily type paragraphs. But if Im on a cell...well that is hardly even capable of writing one. Anyway, Im still looking for many RPers in my Cthulhu plot. If you scroll up in the subforum its posted by Asmodeus and it provides the directly link to the thread I created. We are desperate for RPers who are cogent...and desperate for RPers in general. And hey, if a moderator is involved you know itll have to be good at some point.

    Also take into consideration that not all RPs start as multiparagraphal ones. In my case I barely had one paragraph to start but that is because the plot has yet to develope. So stiff upper lip and come on over and inside my home. THe best candy's inside.
    Here Cthulu
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