I'm interested ... MxM or MxF possibly FxF

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  1. So I would really love a roleplay with quite a bit of smut right now. I wouldn't mind there being a good plot with it either.

    The order of preference:

    Pairing interests in order of preference:
    Prince/cess x Knight
    Gifted x Human
    Human x Demon
    Master x Slave
    Ex-military x civilian

    Any other ideas are welcome.

    I will try anything except

    Really want to try
  2. Sounds interesting we can discuss more through PM's
  3. What is Mpreg?
  4. mpreg is when an actual male becomes pregnant.
  5. Oh! I actually always wanted to do Mpreg as well! If you want Ill rp with you :3
  6. I'd be down to do a MPREG Prince x Knight. Are you into feminine males, because I had an idea for the knight
  7. I would love to Myth!

    Kyuujin~ I'm not really into feminine males, but I do not have a problem giving it a try.
  8. Just need to know which "role" I'd be playing. I'm down for MxM or MxF, but for the most part I play the submissive characters (the Uke in MxM or the woman in MxF).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.