GROUP RP PLOTTING I'm in the mood for Mermaids...

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  1. Been in the mood for some mermaid themed rp but can't find a decent one with some action and adventure. Romance is fun and all but there is always too much that the other aspects of the game are left in the shadows to wither and die.
    So is there anyone out there interested and want to throw some ideas together?
  2. You are actually talking about mermaids and strongly about action/adventure!? How perfectly wonderful. (Im not the only one)
    What intriguing ideas have you come up with?
  3. The first idea is that on an island perhaps, lives a community of fishermen and sailors but on the other-side is an out of the reach lagoon that houses a small tribe or kingdom of Merfolk. The two socialites live apart with the land-dwellers mostly unaware of the underwater people because getting to the lagoon was always more work than they wanted to expel to reach it.
    A problem arises in that a ship comes to port barring a mysterious object that begins to poison the waters food supply and strange things begin to occur.
  4. Oh yes I can see how that could spread and cause an infinite number of problems for the land and sea folk alike and definitely require action to be taken to save one if not both communities. Definitely intriguing
  5. Not sure what setting this should be in. Figuring out setting would be the first thing to tackle before anything else.
  6. So what are you thinking about setting? There are so many possibilities, I'll just start asking questions curious about what you are envisioning

    The Port, is this a small mostly self sustaining community, a minor stop along a minor/major travel route, an important stop or within range of a major trade route?

    Population: Small like 80 people, like a few hundred, small city several thousand, a bustling hub of commerce. You said Island so I imagined it being small, but there are so many versions of "small" (and it could be big and full, Manhattan is an island...)

    Oh that brings my thoughts to time period. Are we both thinking 'classic' with wood boats?

    And as always the geographical type. The Emerald Isle is a great deal different than the Ring of Fire. Are you thinking warm or cold water?

    Its the island mountainous, cliff faces, smoking volcano, beaches of rocks or sand or both, rainforests/jungle, bogs and marshes, barren rocky plain.

    Weather? Rainy and dull, constantly sunny, harsh storms, best surfing waves, run like clockwork or unpredictable to all but those who know how to read the signs?


    Guess those are mostly above water questions, but some of them can go deeper like the geography.
  7. The port is a major stop on a trade route. Thinking it has a few hundred native residents with occasional visitors waiting for the next ship. Cold water climate like the Emerald Isles. THis working on period, I'm liking the wooden boats so that takes out a Modern setting. The island is mountainous with cliffs here and there where the lagoon will be at, that's why its so hard for people to venture off there. I'm thinking it will be rainy a good part of the year, with winter being really bad. I see pine trees and sandy beaches, white sand.

    Sorry it took me so long, had a busy weekend.
  8. Life is a constant happening no worries.

    So the residents are fisherman and sailors, but they can make a little money to survive on via trade route. Any other special trade items the islanders might have to offer?

    Socially, we know working class fisherman and sailors. Is there some upper class that own larger ships, take part in the business of the trade route like investing and such? Bankers? Perhaps a few captains of larger ships whose families stay home on the island. Any aristocrats or the "main family" of the island?

    What do they do for entertainment? Visit each others houses and watch the rain and talk after a long day. Have dances or social events or fairs? Take hikes along the nearby mountain trails? Do hand work and mend nets talking the evening away? Stop by every incoming ship to hear the latest news and gossip from other areas?

    Does the port have a variety of shops and occupations or is it minimal. (again this could fall into time period stuff ) There are the basic and practical places like the general supply store, ship maker, blacksmith, inn, tavern. Are there multiple inn's and competing woodworkers? Are there butchers, bakers, candle stick makers, tailors, and barbers or are those chores left for the people to the people to do on their own at home?

    Anything else about this world and setting should we be figuring out?
  9. Wow this sounds like an awesome idea! And I love the esthetic. So dark and dreary. I would love to participate in this idea. Will it take place in 'our world' or will it be its own? I love the idea of mermaids, but it's true their stories always end up turning into romance driven plots.