I'm in Love with a Spirit.

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  1. Siren looked up at the old Victorian house, eyes wide.
    She was just moving in, and it was gorgeous.
    Her parents had movers already put everything inside, and unpack it, so she just had to walk in.
    It was beautiful and old, still with it's original wallpaper and carpet.
    She walked inside the front door, the stairs creaking under her.
    Inside, she looked around, it was still as beautiful as any old house.
    But her parents had paid someone to fix it up, because it was, after all, old.

    Siren walked up the stairs, to her bedroom. It was the last one in the hall,
    making her uneasy.
    She never liked long hallways.
    Her room was big, and had a small window with a seat.
    The walls had a flowery wallpaper on them, and lush carpet.
    In the corner was an old vanity with a mirror attached.

    She sat down on her bed- another antique-
    and sighed happily.
    It was nice here.

    She didn't have any type of creepy feeling, and it was beautiful.
    "You can come out, I can sense you."
    She called out to the old room- she sensed someone- a ghost.

    Siren was psychic.
    No one knew except her and her older sister.
    But she could use it for her advantage in old houses like this.
    She smiled and waited for the spirit to show itself.
  2. Guy was a timid fellow. He'd lived in the house a long time, but he didn't really have much memory about when he started being able to move through the walls so easily. His white hair was nothing new- he had always been that way. His gray eyes scanned the room cautiously as he phased through the wall when he heard a voice. His own was gentle as he spoke in response, looking around timidly. "Who are you? You're not from here...I don't know you." His words were awkward, yet carefully chosen. His skin was basically translucent, half of his body still hiding in the wall- only his torso was sticking out. "I don't understand what's going on...But I got through more easily than usual." He mused. He was stuck was the reality of it. New to his strange, ghastly body, he hadn't fully learned to move through objects- but he was getting rather good at it, and soon managed through entirely. "Oh, right. It's rude to ask someone's name without giving yours, isn't it? My name's Guy."
  3. Siren smiled at the young man.
    He was obviously a spirit, sticking half way through the wall.
    "Guy? That's interesting. My name is Siren."
    She got up and walked over to him.

    "I'm moving in here, hope you don't mind. I won't bother you."
    She said quietly, studying him.
    For a spirit, he was cute.
  4. "Moving in...?" Guy was still under the impression he was alive, thus why he was still in that house after dying. "I don't get it, but then again, I don't really remember much anyway. I know I live here...But I can't seem to recall why. But won't I be in your way then?" He made his way through the rest of the wall, his legs coming out properly. He took a seat in mid-air, thinking he was on the ground, and had his legs easily crossed and relaxed. "Siren, huh? That's an interesting name too. It's a mythological creature, isn't it? They're said to have really nice voices...So I guess it makes sense. Your voice is pleasant enough. Serene, even."
  5. "No, I'm sure you won't be in MY way."
    She looked at him.
    Siren laughed.
    "You're a smooth talker, aren't you?"
    She asked, as she kicked off her shoes and laid back on the bed.
    "You can pass through walls. That's interesting.."
  6. The translucent young man took on a red hue near his face as she spoke. "Smooth talker? That's a new one...No one's ever called me that before." He tried to look back into his memory, but the amount he could recall was minimal- but that as not something he did recall, so he assumed it had never happened. "I can do it, but it sort of feels strange...I don't know when I got that ability though."
  7. Siren smiled kindly.
    "What year is it?" She asked, looking at him intensely.
  8. His pale eyes glanced at her curiously. What year was it? That was a fairly simple question wasn't it? But at the same time, it took him a moment to recall- he hadn't had to write the date recently, so it made it a bit difficult to remember at times. Lately, the days had been blending together. "I recall...It's 1999, isn't it?"
  9. Siren grew pale.
    "No, um, it's not. It's 2013."
    She smiled uneasily at him.
  10. A look of shock graced his pale and otherwise handsome face. Fourteen years off? Was that even possible? Looking at himself, he was sure he was still alive, but yet somehow that question struck a chord. "This isn't a joke, is it? It's not right...It can't be that far ahead can it?"
  11. "It's not a joke."
    She got up and walked to him.

    "I can touch you though- if you let me. I'm real, and I'm alive."
    She held out a delicate hand.

    She was the only one in her family able to see, speak, and feel ghosts.
  12. He noticed the outstretched hand. If she could touch him, then it calmed her- after all, it meant he was real, right? Because otherwise, he'd be dead. And ghosts just didn't exist to Guy.

    With a deep breath, he moved one of his pale, cold hands towards her own, and let his fingers brush her skin. The skin was warm, almost too warm to him, and it was starting to be clear just how cold he was to himself. "You're right. You're warm."
  13. Siren grasped his hand softly.
    "you're very cold."
    She whispered, looking up at him.

    "Do you.. Realize what this means?" She asked, a sad expression on her face.
    She continued to hold his hand.
  14. He looked at her, a dull look on his face. He didn't believe in ghosts or poltergeists. The idea of one itself was preposterous thus being one was also unlikely. "...Is it winter? Maybe I've been sleeping for a long time or something and got a chill." He was clearly in denial. However, the dullness seemed to catch on anyway. "I know I'm not a zombie, right? So...Unless I am a zombie...But zombies have no ability to think according to lore."
  15. Siren smiled at him.
    "You aren't a zombie, and I doubt you've slept so long."
    She shrugged and sat back down on the bed.

    "But if you don't want to believe, that's fine. Take your time."
  16. He decided to take a seat next to her, trying to straighten out his head. He didn't sit too close, not wanting to make her mad, and when he sat he nearly fell through the bed for a moment before managing to force himself not to. His head sat in his hands awkwardly, white hair trying to stick to his eyes. "I don't get it. Are you saying I'm a ghost? But ghosts don't exist, right? But what else is there?" He was trying to find an excuse in his head, but there was no logic in the situation that he could fathom.
  17. Siren looked at him sadly.
    "I- I know.. It's very hard to believe.. But yes, I'm sorry. You are a ghost."
    She went to grab his hand, but stopped herself.

    "I am the only one living in this house that can see you, speak to you, or touch you though."
    She smiled.
    "I'd like to help you."
  18. "Help me with what? Besides the fact that I still don't believe in ghosts, don't remember dying in the first place and don't get any of this...I don't really know what I need help with." Guy spoke naturally, only then realizing that he actually needed quite a bit of help. And this girl would be the only one he could communicate with? That was troublesome, though mostly for her. He sighed a bit. "Okay, so apparently I need a lot of help...But you shouldn't have to help me. Besides...Don't people who talk to ghosts get treated badly normally?"
  19. Siren looked down.
    "I don't mind. I like to help.."
    She smiled sadly.

    Obviously, she'd been bullied.
  20. He frowned, the obviousness of the matter not lost on him. He wanted to hug her, but hesitated. She'd touched him, so that meant she could, right? So he could hug her? He wasn't fully sure. However, he felt bad, and relieved at the same time. Thus, he went for it, wrapping his cold, ghostly arms around the girl next to him. "Thank you. At least someone will. And you already have too."