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  1. I have a long name, so just call me Lena.
    I love writing novels and roleplaying, it is my haven.
    I can adjust to a lot of preferences, but not a girlxgirl. I tried it once, it was a total failure.
    I love Doctor Who. I've watched it from the very first(black and white) series up to Capaldi...
    I'm a bit, no, a huge talker. I love talking, about anything.
    That's about it. OH yeah, I love animals.
    I have a timetable. Meaning, I am strict with replies, well, a little ^o^

    In the timetable, there would be a Sunday-Saturday and underneath, Threads will be plotted, indicating this will be the day where I will be expecting your reply. I like it organize, because, I don't want to confuse Threads. I'm not strict with rules, most of the time, I just want things to be understandable.

    My Personal Rules: (Rule 1, 2 and 4 is important. To me at least )

    1. Please, if you feel like you can't connect with the character in the thread anymore, or find it boring, please state so. I won't get mad, I know how it feels like to continue on a thread if you don't feel the character anymore.
    2. I like discussing the thread first. Whether you made it or I did, I want to discuss things like as follows:
    3. I love you already if you are completely HONEST with me in what you want to happen, especially when I wrote the idea. I don't like giving control, I want the all roleplayers in the thread to make and add ideas themselves. The big and many sub ideas the better :)
    4. Lastly, just enjoy. If you think you need to take time and gather your thought to reconnect to the thread, please state so. I get worried, not because I'm gonna lose the thread, but because (as I stated above) I already love you :* (p.s. not in that kissy kissy boo boo kind of way)
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  2. Hallo Lena! :D Welcome to the community!
  3. Thank you ! I still have a lot to learn though.
  4. Welcome Lena ^_^.
  5. Aww...shucks! Thanks Vincent :)
  6. Welcome to Iwaku Lena!

    Plenty of people to talk to on here, I hope you enjoy yourself!