I'm Here!!! ^-^

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  1. My name is Mily. Im extremely bubbly and love talking to people. I enjoy spending a rainy day using my imagination with friends in stories. I go to Boston University for Forensic Chemistry and I totally love it!!! Its so much fun and I cant wait to get my degree. I just turned 23 and I dont feel a day over 20 hee hee. I love meeting new people and guess what?!?!?! I wanna meet YOU!!! So please respond and I would love to chit chat with you get to know some great people and hopefully begin a story with someone. Well I hope to hear from you coolio peeps soon!!! *hugz*
  2. Hiya Mily! I'm Super Cat though currently my username is Romance Cat because of February. It's nice to meet you and have a new energetic person on Iwaku. So what do you do in forensic chemistry? Do you deal with testing different drugs and crime scene related samples and stuff? I always thought chemistry was interesting but it isn't my type of job. I like computers and medical stuff a lot more!

    If you are looking to meet a bunch of people really fast you should go into the chatbox. That's where pretty much everyone hangs out to chat with each other. Anyways I will accept your hugs and give you hugs in return. Hope to see you around!