I'm Here to Kick Ass

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  1. Awesome title right? :D Anyway, here's my idea!

    Ryanne Harverson, 18 years old and one of the best hackers in the world.

    She may not look like it. Especially not when you walk into Meow Café and find her wearing a short, frilly skirt, a white button-up and tie, and a cat ear head-band. For all you know, though, she's hacked into your computer and knows about everything you search on a daily basis. She'll never let on that she knows.

    Ryanne's gotten in trouble for her talents though. She's on radar for hacking into a government computer system. Fortunately, she was only hacking in to learn more on a criminal for her history project. The government agreed to let her go as long as she promised she wouldn't talk about what she saw. Of course, being on radar means she's constantly being monitored. Now, five months later, she's graduated highschool and in a community college. She isn't as watched as she once was.

    However, one day Ryanne recieves an anonymous call. The caller tells her of a government conspiracy, the development of some biological weapon that's being tested on humans. You know what they say "Curiousity killed the cat". Needless to say, Ryanne checked it out, to find that it was all true.

    Unfortunately, she was caught and this time... The governement isn't letting her go.

    Ryanne contracts *insert name here* to watch her back. He/she is the best of the best, being an ex-spec. ops. Ryanne just needs him/her to keep her safe until she can get enough evidence to take the story to the press and spread the word. This is proving to be a difficult task, what with the assassination attempts and the extra computer-precautions the government is taking. Who knows how long it'll take this time.

    ((So, you know the drill ^^ If you like the idea, PM me! Ask me questions, suggest a little change to the story, etc. (though, I'd like to play Ryanne ^^;) Can't wait to use this idea :D))