I'm here, hope to get along ;P

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  1. My real name is Justin, online I prefer to be called Shimo, and I'm 19.

    This is pretty much my first attempt at roleplay, so feel free to help me along xD

    I'm a little weird, but I expect to see other weird people on here so I'll probably fit in easily by those standards. I'm shy, and like to keep to myself, and my roleplaying personality will probably reflect that.

    I like ninjas more than pirates, I like being stealthy in any game I play, I keep out of the affairs of others, and when I strike I strike hard to make my first strike the finishing strike. And like I stated before, this stuff is probably reflected off the fact that I like to keep to myself.

    As much as I like to keep to myself, I try my hardest to fit myself into any community I join, and it's usually awkward when I try to fit myself in and in the end I tend to just give up on being a part of the community. I hope that doesn't happen here :)
  2. Welcome, Shimo.

    New to RP? Sweet! I'm sure you'll find some cool games here as well as cool people to play with.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask, we're here to help : )
  3. Hello Shimo! Welcome to Iwaku.

    Please try not to worry, there are plenty of shy folk around these here parts and even more welcoming. Everyone gets nervous when they first start but Iwaku isn't a place to be judged, it's a place to write to your heart's content with people who share the same passion.

    You should totally take time and go through our Creative Challenge forum! It's a cool way to practice your writing or get ideas out of simple tasks. And totally check out the Art challenge that I'm clearly whoring. /coughcough.

    ANYWHO, have fun and don't be afraid to join up in RPs or ask for help. :)