I'm going to the doctor today and I'm wondering if.

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  1. I should tell them about the problems, I've been having, the odor , the sinus issues and the fact that I can't move my neck all that well.
  2. Ok first of all never ask for medical advice on the Internet.

    What's good for one person can be terrible for another; you have a unique body and history that no one but an informed physician can give good advice for.

    Second, yes. Bring a list. He/she may not get to all of it, so prioritize, but bring a list.
  3. thanks Mini.
  4. That'll suffice?
  5. If something is troubling you, always tell your doctor about it. (I mean physically bothering you.) You might think that it's insignificant, but it could be the sign of something bad. Or not! But it's better to let your doctor know, just in case.
  6. not really, but i'm just thanking you for moving my thread
    yea I know but my parents think I worry too much.
  7. I thought that about myself once too. I was on medication and kept getting a really weird taste in my mouth after I started taking it. I thought it was stupid to tell my doctor, but she told me if I hadn't told her about it, I could have ended up with serious stomach problems, and that the taste I was getting was one of the warning signs. =/ You never know until you say something.
  8. ok, I'll tell her, it's just I can't move my neck at all, and I'm kinda stuck in this hunched over position.
  9. @Geometric_Cinderella
    I'm sure your doc can help with that

    You're a grownup and you get to make your own decisions about your body

    Permission to lock thread before people start trying to play doctor?

    I can't stress enough how bad an idea it is to seek medical advice on the Internet. People may have good intentions but they are simply not equipped to help you properly
  10. sure, you can lock it.
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