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  1. Before you apply, read this~

    I need a partner who can:

    1-Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    2-Will write at least two sentences a post.

    3-Won't drop out randomly- if you dislike the rp, or get busy, PLEASE let me know!

    The storyline:

    This role play is set in an asylum, for younger adults.
    (Ages 16-22 )
    This place is exclusive, and expensive, so there's a limit of ten patients at a time.
    If someone is "cured", killed, or leaves, a spot will open.
    You can play up to two characters, and they can be male, female, or both genders, it doesn't matter.

    Before you apply though, please look up psychiatric disorders.
    You must have at LEAST one, but no more than four.

    There will be violence, bad language, and possibly sex in this role play.
    But, I will not accept any type of nasty things such as animal sex, any type of body fluids used (except blood,
    for example, you cut yourself and painted with the blood), but no smearing anything else, and no nasty sex, please.

    And if someone is uncomfortable, you may ask to change a post, and please, just change it a bit.

    I want everyone to be comfortable.


    1- Atropa La Roux (Severusx)
    2- Adrian Trist (Severusx)
    3- Matthew Dore(
    Drzzt_Do'Urden )
    4- "Red" (everstrange)
    Katrien Danielle Blackburn (TorTracyn)
    6- Rolland Warwick (TorTracyn)
    7-Silvia Issier (Pendulum Ghost)
    8-Gregory Smith (sarloch)

    Character Sheet:

    Appearance: (Images please)
    Back story:

    I'll post my CS in a while.

    If you'd like to reserve a spot, please tell me how many spots, and for what genders.
    I'd like to have five of each gender, but it's not needed.

    If that's the way it will be, so far, we need four of each now.
  2. This is one character, female. I hope you're okay with this.

    Melinda Red, goes by Red
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'8", often seems taller
    Weight: 145lbs
    Appearance: I don't like using actual people cause it feels awkward, so HERE
    Likes: varies
    Dislikes: varies
    Disorder(s): Dissociative Identity Disorder (a.k.a Multiple Personality Disorder).
    There are five identities in my character, three are common and two are much more passive:
    Red (female)
    Charles/Chuck (male)
    Доминика aka Dominka (female)
    Selena (female feline)
    Daemon (male)

    Back story: Red was born a perfectly normal and healthy child to a Russian father and a Urkainian mother; She lived her life in a sub-urban sprawl before being carted off to this place. Her life in the suburbs was anything pleasant. Red, throughout her childhood, withstood sexual and physical abuse from her father; she only suffered at his hands whenever he started drinking. Red's mother was often medicated and depressed; she spent her days in the bedroom, careless about the outside world and her daughter. On her good days, Red's mother would be the perfect mother and housewife, but those days were quite few. Red often hid her father's abuse from her mother because it often caused Red's mother to spiral deeper into depression.

    Identity Personalities (relevant for character):
    Red: Red is often quite submissive, depressed, shy, and dependent upon others. She has the tendency to act very child-like since she never fully grew up. She's very innocent and gets flustered easily. Red is 17 years old and a developed like one.

    Charles/Chuck: Charles is a 19 year old anarchist. When Red becomes Charles also known as Chuck, she often embodies a cocky male who is fit and dresses like a punk--your typical rebel kid with a hatred for authority. He is known for causing trouble for the asslym staff; as well as being a foul-mouth, a drinker, and a smoker. (Keep in mind, Red grew up somewhat sheltered and this split off into personalities to deal with life).

    Доминика aka Dominka: Dominka is a 22 year old Russian immigrant. She speaks almost exclusively in Russian and knows some broken English, but it is difficult for her to converse in English (all Russian will be translated for you in brackets [ ! ] so you can understand, but I do not expect your character to understand her). Dominka is very short tempered and has a hatred for anyone who is not Russian. She came to America for a better life and has struggled to find it. She is quite sultry in her demeanor and an experienced lover.

    Selena (female feline): Selena is an affectionate, black cat, but comes out very rarely due to being afraid of people. She loves to sit in high, unreachable places. Scratching her or feeding her corn often leads to instant purring.

    Daemon (male): Daemon is a 25 year old con man. He is patient and moves slowly. Daemon is the only one aware of other personalities. He is known to imitate Red and Dominka when he feels it's necessary to push events in a certain direction. He loves to fuck shit up for his own gain and destroy the lives of others.

  3. Name: Matthew Dore
    Age: 24
    Height: 6'2"
    Appearance: Here
    Likes: Smoking, Drinking, Sex, Keeping a Workout Regime, Reading, Wrestling
    Dislikes: Losing, Quiet, Loud Noises, Being Alone
    Disorder(s): PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Masochism, Intermittent Explosive Disorder
    Backstory: Matthew joined the army at the age of 18 seeing as he was basically a high school drop out and had nothing else to do, and he wasn't well educated since he dropped out. Once joining in the reserves, he immediately was shipped out. Seeing what he saw, was not easy on his mind and within the years that he spent over seas, his mind quickly snapped. He was sent back, and checked in. Diagnosed with PTSD, a love for Masochism and his sudden outbursts of rage and anger, he was also diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive disorder.

    ((Character sheet doesn't seem so impressive, sorry))
  4. It's fine :)
  5. Name: Katrien Danielle Blackburn
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 145
    Dislikes: Being insane. Being back in a hospital. Knowing that it isn't a hospital anymore that she's being put in. She's actually in an asylum. Knowing that she's just...that...crazy anymore. She hates it.
    Disorder(s): Split personality, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, obsessive thoughts.
    Back story: Her parents were both cops, her mother making it all the way up to detective while her father was happy staying a beat cop…an eccentric one, but he always got his job done. She learned from both of them and took up a lot of her fathers habits, and all of her mother’s deductive skills. One night, before he went on duty, he gave her his lucky pocket watch…He was killed on duty, thanks to a vigilante getting in the way. Her mother retired after his death and was very proud of her daughter for wanting to follow in their footsteps.

    Katrien always had more or less a photographic memory, and a lot of her father's eccentricity. She joined the police academy and made it through, immediately working her way towards being a detective. It was her one and only goal. Her only problem was her biggest hobby. There was a madman on the loose, hitting various cities, causing chaos and problems, typically with fire and explosions, but there really seemed to be no rhyme or reason to any of it. She had to figure out what he was about. She absolutely obsessed over this man. No one even knew his name, but she knew which were copycat crimes and which were actually his. She called him her Firebug and studied him to the point of obsession.

    Always hyperactive, she was put on a sedative regiment which really ended up with her popping the pills like candy any time her thoughts started racing too fast or she got too upset, or sometimes just when she wanted to. She had the bad habit of getting into the minds of criminals a little too far, tending to actually think she was them for a moment or two, the longest stretch being a full 24 hours. Just when her mother was about to have her committed, she snapped out of it like nothing happened.

    All was well and good with her until her Firebug came to her city. She was a beat cop at the time and diverted all of her attention to trying to track him down. She just HAD to talk to him, to be the one to take him in, and to get into his head and figure out if all of her thoughts on him were true. She caught his attention, and he caught her...he kidnapped her, tortured her, and ultimately completely broke her already fragile mind.

    After a somewhat short stay in a mental hospital, she was found to be stable and sent off again, but had to quit the force. Everything went quietly for a couple months, until Kitty Kat joined the party. Her Firebug, Mr. V as she came to call him, paid her a visit and snapped the last little tendril of sanity she had left. This Kitty Kat personality split off from her and started causing havoc in the city until her mother found out.

    Katrien has no idea why she is locked away, just that they keep telling her she has a split personality that she has no memory of or anything.

    Kitty Kat is...to put it quite simply...nuts. Sociopathic in all the right ways. Basically, think Harley Quinn from Batman only much more sick and twisted and willing to do things like set children on fire just to see what happens. There's a reason she's locked up here....She calls herself a scientist. She says everything she's doing is an experiment. Her eyes rarely focus on people, giving her this strange, haunting vacant stare. Unless, of course, they're asking about her experiments...or about to become one of her experiments...She can also be very fun-loving and acrobatic, loves hanging upside down from whatever she can, loves popping out from around corners to startle people, and loves crawling into laps and trying to lead things in an inappropriate direction.

    Contrary to all that, she's very protective of Katrien, because, after all "If Katrien don't exist, I don't exist, so..I kinda need her, ya know? Plus, if she stops existin, Puddin' gets really mad an' he'll come and...well...it really won't be so nice, huh?" She's known to come out if someone starts telling Katrien about Kitty Kat, or starts pressing that they're one in the same, and usually comes out violently, but can also come out begging, too. It all depends on who's pushing the topic on Katrien.

    ((I'm working on thinking up a male for this, too. To keep things nice and even. :) ))
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  7. Okay, that's alright. :)

    I might actually cut it off after you submit your boy, so we can start.
  8. Sweet! I'll start thinking harder then lol

    Is there any mental disorder you'd really like to see that's easily researchable? I only have a vague idea of how he looks and nothing else so I'm open to suggestion lol
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  10. Name: Rolland Warwick Hext but he only answers to Asgeirr
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 150-something

    Likes: Fighting, always excited, usually happy, likes being in charge
    Dislikes: People telling him he isn't actually a demigod or just not treating him with the respect he thinks he deserves.
    Disorder(s): Grandiose delusion (being a demigod), manic episodes

    Back story: There really isn't much on his history. His parents kept him quietly locked away into the back of their sprawling mansion until his maniac episodes kicked in. He became completely unmanageable and they sent him away to the asylum without really having to think too hard on it.

    He typically seems pretty normal until he's asked about his parents or until he runs around screaming, organizing frantically, laughing[SIZE=3] uncontrollably, or insisting he is the son of [SIZE=3]Odin and a mortal woman[SIZE=3] and needs to be w[SIZE=3]orshiped..[SIZE=3].[SIZE=3]He expects men to worship him by fighting him and he expects women to w[SIZE=3]orship him wi[SIZE=3]th sex...or fighting. He'd take that too[SIZE=3], really. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
  11. Thank you :) accepted.
  12. Sure, there's still some spots open. :)
  13. Name: Silvia Issier

    Age: 18

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 145 pounds

    Appearance: http://www.weddingpartyapp.com/blog...esses-1960s-hairstyles-wedding-party-blog.jpg

    Likes: Music, Art, Singing, Breaking objects, Inflicting pain on others, plotting revenge, being impulsive, playing out in the rain

    Dislikes: Being touched, being locked up for too long, Being in a room with strangers, males, being interupted, being told what to do

    Disorder(s): Post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, Selective Mutism, with sadist tendences

    Back story: Ms. Issier is a young adult female written on this paper as having Post-traumatic stress. This being the main reason her being admitted. But to better understand her I believe she has the proposed PTED or Post-traumatic embitterment disorder, because of her unwillingness to undergo treatment, and her desire for revenge.

    I will now relay the information i was given on her case. Ms. Issier was an orphaned child described as impulsive and reckless. She would do the opposite of what she was told. She had to be moving or doing something enjoyable. She was diagnosed with with ADHD and in secret was given medicine. When she discovered this young Silvia began refusing to eat. She was described as being a girl with manmade wings. She could fly but only for so far before she had to land. She loved to sing, loved anything that expresses one's self. In her rare moments she was sweet, caring and implusively protective. One story Silvia was being picked on by some girls. She wouldn't do anything against them. But when another girl stood up to them and tried to defend her and the girls turned on the other girl Silvia simply snapped. She went after the bullies and as the fight was being broken up. Silvia screamed, "Don't you dare directly your hatred of me towards someone else."

    Silvia was never adopted, and at 11 years of age she ranaway. A year later she turned up in a drug bust. Police raided a building thought to have been making and saling drugs. They found no one but Silvia, tied up and gagged in one of the back rooms. Paramedics were rushed to the scene as an unconcious Silvia in her final hour, dieing from dehydration. She was given an IV and feeding tube, and rushed to the nearest hospital. She pulled through and recovered without any physical sideffects expect for substancal muscle lose. Which could be easily repaired with nutrition and therapy.

    When 12 year old Silvia regained conciousness, police were there to ask her questions. It was assumed that she had been used sexually. But Silvia refused to talk to anyone and only seemed to tense up in the presense of a male. So a female detective was brought in. Silvia was quoted to have said, "They are all going to pay." she later tried to escape the hospital and had to be sedated.

    Knowning now that she needed psyhicatric help, she was tranferred and was encouraged to undergo physical therapy. An unresponsive Silvia simply layed in bed, glaring at anyone who entered her room. She was put under observation and at night time a weak Silvia would exercise herself to the point of exhaustion. She simply didn't want help in recovering her strength. Eventually she regained the ability to walk on her own, but even then she didn't stop exerising. So we started giving her some outside time to let her running out pent up stress. Music helps in this caterory as well. When she is frustated, angry, anything of the sort music seems to relax her and she will even sing. She also enjoy art she is a creative one she is.

    In dealing with Silvia be sure that males are excluded in her day to day. She will not eat food or drink anything given to her by a male. She won't use any clothing. And if any all possible do not subdue her or sedate her. She loves revenge and a pencil in the back is the least of what she will do to a male who touches her. Yet she always seems to surprise us with being totally random. There was a new male staff member and I believe she knew this, so she walks up to him and asks him to let her go outside in the rain. He was briefed on her as one of our more hostile patients. I was quickly on the scene for a possible incident but she simply stared him down, like she was testing him, toying with him. I give the nodded and he said yes, and Silvia spent 30 minutes outside running and playing in the rain. She returned soaking and covered in mud grinning from ear to ear. Now she has been wanting to know the forecast I am guessing so she can go out again.

    In my closing notes I wish to say that Silvia is an interesting girl it is with much regret that she didn't leave my care with her illments cured. As with the proposed embitterment disorder that I believe she has. "She thinks nothing is wrong with her, it is the world that needs to be fixed." She is smart, hyperactive to the point of annoryance at times and can be an angel or a demon at any given moment.
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