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    2- Adrian Trist (Severusx)
    3- Matthew Dore(
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    4- "Red" (everstrange)
    5- Katrien Danielle Blackburn (TorTracyn)
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    Adrian made his way to the counseling room, where their first group session would occur.
    He'd been here for years, but this was a counseling session in a group,
    with new people he hadn't met.
    He'd finally been moved to a different ward, but he wasn't sure why exactly.
    The room was a large room, painted a mix of orange and yellow, with big windows that let in a lot of light.
    There was a circle of chairs in the center- the plastic kind from school.
    He sat in one of them, waiting for everyone else to arrive.
    In his pocket, he carried a small mirror, which he used to check himself out, making sure he looked perfect.
    Of course he did though- didn't he always?
    A few people, he already knew, at least one of them, a girl named Atropa was supposed to be here.
    He'd known her for a while, but they never talked.
    A nurse came by and gave him a juice box and a small bowl of crackers.
    He looked at them and scoffed, almost laughing.
    "What is this, elementary school?" He asked, throwing aside the food, and glaring over at the nurse.
    She sighed and picked the food and drink up.
    "Adrian, it's to make people feel more comfortable. But you don't have to eat it if you don't want to."
    She walked off, leaving Adrian to stare at himself in the mirror a bit more.

    Atropa had been waiting anxiously for the group session to start.
    It was time for her to leave the safety of her room and go to the group room-
    but she was nervous.
    Atropa gathered her courage and made her way down the halls and to the room,
    which, surprisingly, was pretty much clear except for one boy-
    She knew of him, but they had never spoken, and she didn't plan on speaking to him now.
    Besides, he was full of himself, something she didn't find attractive at all.
    She pushed open the door and walked in, slowly.
    She took a seat across from Adrian, making sure not to sit next to him.
    There were supposed to be new people today, and she wasn't exactly excited to meet them, she actually
    disliked people a great deal.
    They made her anxious.
    Peeking at Adrian, she noticed he was checking out his reflection, of course.
    A nurse came by and handed her a bowl of crackers and a juice box.
    "Thank you.."
    Atropa said quietly, looking at the floor after giving the nurse a brief smile.
    This was going to be a long day.

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  2. Katrien Blackburn hadn't been to one of the group sessions yet. She was never told why. Something about becoming violent at times, but she wasn't a violent person. And she had no recollection of ever attacking the doctors or...setting people on fire...She hugged herself as she walked through the doors. She looked at the two others, looking them up and down and reading them easily. She shook her head and took a seat beside Atropa, glancing over at her and taking her in. OCD, depression, anorexia obviously, most likely bullied by her family and kids at school and abused by her parents... Reading people was Kartien's skill and her downfall.

    She turned to look at Adrian and started analyzing him as well. Depression, OCD...a lot of OCD going around, I guess...Narcissistic, that's just...kinda easy...but probably paranoid as well...most likely also abused by his parents...

    Why the hell am I here? I haven't been abused by my parents or...or...

    Her head rolled back and snapped up. She grinned suddenly and stood up. She stepped up onto her chair and sat down on the back of it, grinning at everyone. "Hey-ya, crazies!" She laughed, her voice more high pitched and a little annoying than it usually was. She put her hands on her knees and held them together with her heels pointing out and her toes pointing in. "This is our first group session, Katrien and I!" She stood up on her chair again and turned to the empty chair to her right, stepping onto it. She continued walking across the chairs until she got to Adrian, eyes glittering with mischief.

    She crouched on the chair she was sitting on and watched him for a second. "You aren't really that pretty, doll." She stood up and plucked the mirror from his hand. She wanted to see what would happen next. She stood straight and held the mirror out of his reach, using it to look at herself. "Awh...this scar's terrible!" She said, picking at the corner of her mouth that was scared into a frown. "I'm glad she didn't drink the acid though. Not so good for ya...HA! Johnny was a chemist's son!" She started dancing out of Adrian's reach, across the chairs, over to some tables, wherever she could go as she sang. "But Johnny is no more! What Johnny thought was H2O was H2SO4!" She laughed like mad. There really was a reason Katrien was locked away there...

    Rolland Hext stood in the doorway, glaring, his arms crossed in front of him. He shook his head at the woman's antics. He sighed and looked around at the chairs. He decided he wasn't going to sit. He leaned back against the wall by the door and watched. When the nurse brought him juice and cookies he raised an eyebrow but took them. "Thank you." He said a bit gruffly, starting to eat at his cookies and drink from the juice box. It was kinda funny to watch him drink from the little juice box, but he did. He hated to admit it, but it was good. Plus, if he took the juice boxes and left them in his room for long enough, they turned into alcohol...
  3. "So you know we are going to be trying something new today Ms. Issier. You will be participating in a group with several other patients. I assume it is so we can find a way to remove your afflictions. Cause here that is what we are all about." Silvia quickened her pace in an attempt to get away from the running faucet, spilling out words like a recording meant only to piss her off. She didn't want to attend this party for the mental ill. Before the end it was sure to turn into a comedy documentary. But after hearing the word vomit that was escorting her for the past 5 minutes was enough to change her mind, if only to get rid of the what was trailing behind her. "Oh here is the room," please play nice in there. Silvia didn't hesitate she opened the door and shut it behind her. She rested against the door, taking in a deep breath of fresh air.

    Opening her eyes, Silvia took in the room and the people already seated. There was another nurse walking towards her with a glass and snacks. "Here you go sweetie," Silvia didn't reply but as usual and took the glass and crackers. "Take a seat where you like." she replied, Silvia took a few steps draining the glass in that time and placing a cracker between her lips. She had already taken notice of the guys in the room.
    Coed just great, she thought as she picked a seat away from them and turned it around seating backwards and staddling the chair. Is this seriously how my life is going to turn out, I have been in prison since I can remember. As she said this comment in her head. She was watching a nut case female playing with a hand mirror. If only she could take it away and shatter it.

    She could then use the pieces as a weapon and shove them down that annorying nurse's throat. The mental image of the old woman coughing up blood with glass caught in her throat, made her grin from ear to ear. She placed her arms on top of the chair rest and leaned foward to rest her forehead.