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  1. The 1950s were an interesting time period. Emerging from the war, America was established on a surprisingly booming economy. Life was flourishing and many people were rushing to get eloped and move to suburban neighborhoods. For the most part, things were good. In fact, the only source of remote fear anymore was that of the Cold War. Nuclear power was something that the common person failed to understand at the time and if there was one thing that everybody knew, it was that people were scared of the things that they could not make sense of. There was a group of people that thrived on this fear however, but they were no mortal men (or women) looking for an opportunity to inflate their wallets. They were the Mikaelsons, an elite family of vampires hellbent on using their resources and supernatural abilities to have a bloodbath whenever they desired. Perhaps one of the most ravenous of them all was Elijah Mikaelson, a man who had used his power of mind manipulation to escape all war obligations and keep his family safe. He was distant and polite, pleasant to those he spoke too, passionate to the few lovers (if they were even that) he had had scattered over the last couple of years but completely and utterly monstrous.

    Fearful of himself, he was known to keep his true self under shaky control (hence his distance from most people). There were instances, however, where he allowed himself a little looser a leash and went on a killing spree far more disastrous than any human murderer could manage in a lifetime. Tonight was one of those instances.

    Wearing a suit, the quite hungry Elijah left his estate and headed into the city. Like usual, there was some sort of event going on and people were everywhere. He regarded them with narrowed eyes, his vampiric veins making an appearance on his face. He cared not who saw them as he ruled New Orleans along side his brother and could compel anyone if he so desired. Pausing, he'd scan the cluster of people before him before making his decision. His first victim was a girl, quite the pretty one as well. He suspected no danger from her and could not smell any momentarily crippling vervain in the air around them. All in all, she was the perfect candidate for death.

    Silently moving forward, he'd attempt to grab her and pull her into the nearest ally. Pleased, with the little reaction from the people around her. This was going to be too easy.
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  2. Emilia Targaryen very much knew of the Mikaelsons, but she wasn't particularly concerned with their existence. Sure, she'd had a run-in with Niklaus - in which the ghoul, a child at the time, used her kagune as a deception method and fled the scene, going right to her little apartment to her sisters and her mother - but aside from that, she knew nothing of the family members individually and wasn't afraid of them.

    Now a young adult, the plaid-loving girl hadn't had any sort of problems with the ruling family. After all, for the most part, the Targaryens and the Mikaelsons did not interact with each other and fed upon their own ends of the city to avoid a family war. That didn't stop her from wandering over the imaginary boundary line from time to time to grab a quick snack or visit a friend. She knew the risks, but didn't play too much attention to that.

    Until now.

    As she was grabbed and pulled out of the street into the alley, she made no sound, simply because she thought that this was a kidnapper or thief or something that she could make into a snack. But how wrong she was. Opening her mouth, she would turn her head around and attempt to dig her teeth into his upper arm to loosen the grip.
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  3. Taken aback by her attempts at retaliation, Elijah would try to dodge her teeth, narrowly missing them. He hadn't expected his victim to be of supernatural nature and thought he had taken precautions to make sure this wasn't some vampire. But as he stared at her, he realized that he was right all along- she wasn't just some vampire. "You'll have to excuse me," he finally said upon reaching this conclusion, "I thought you were some stupid human I could make a meal. I was terribly wrong". A sorry excuse for an apology but Eli had never been that sincere. In fact, he was already beginning to turn and leave, not at all interested in whatever this woman before him was.
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  4. "Oh no, it's my mistake," Emilia retorted, having no intentions of revealing her identity. She knew that this vampire wasn't Niklaus or his sister, Rebekah, but she wasn't sure if this was an Original or another vampire. "I thought vampires knew how to hunt." With a sly smile, the thin girl turned on her heels and began to march off, fluffing out the ends of her hair. She would have stuck around to start a real fight, but she knew it was best for her family and all ghouls in New Orleans if she didn't. She'd caused enough trouble in her life.
  5. Immediately, an eyebrow would shoot up in skepticism at her comment. Accusing him of not knowing how to hunt? Did she have a death wish? Not thinking about the situation anymore, he used his super speed to easily place himself in front of her, vampiric veins making another appearance upon his features. "I believe that you're quite mistaken young lady. My name is Elijah Mikaelson and if there is a vampire that knows how to feed and survive better than me, I'd like you to introduce us." He wasn't afraid of her in even the slightest so the words flowed freely, a certain sass curving the edge of them. Seeing as he did not know what Ghouls were (even in his almost one thousand years of life), he really didn't understand the potential risk he was placing himself in. Oh well.
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  6. Oh shit. A Mikaelson. Though she worried of the repercussions of provoking him, she kept it internal and she maintained her calm demeanor. "Wonderful, I'll introduce you right now," she replied, turning to face him. "Emilia Lorena Targaryen. Charmed." If he knew of her family and the boundary lines, she could simply explain that she was here to visit a friend, not to feed. "Though, I'm not technically a vampire."
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  7. He was about to turn and leave when she spoke up. So she believed that they were equally matched if not more so? How humorous. Shaking his head, he'd merely laugh at her words. "Alright, that makes a lot of sense. Are you implying that someone who is clearly a half-breed can out-live myself?" He inquired, jumping to the conclusion that she was some sort of strange hybrid much like his brother. Again, Elijah failed to realize what a mistake it was to provoke a creature like Emilia, so he continued to speak, his skepticism fading to nonchalance. "I find it hard to believe."

    To him, she was like every supernatural being he had encountered- big-headed.
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  8. Though the girl was indeed very big-headed, she had every reason to be. She was raised by two Original Ghouls and was taught to hunt and fight the first minute she could walk, constantly being set out to get dinner by herself and having her parents set out people to provoke her so that she would be completely prepared for the world by the time she was five. "A half-breed isn't quite the right term. The child of two Original Ghouls sounds much better," Emilia replied with a smirk.
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  9. Ghouls? That sounded quite preposterous.

    In fact, he felt as if she was just talking herself up to seem more intimidating. "Don't be silly, those don't exist," he responded with a simple shake of his head, trying to hide his belief that she might not be lying. "I'm an original vampire, it is from my bloodline that all vampires dwell. I would know if there was another supernatural creature living among us. I'm quite good at getting into other people's business to get what I want."
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