I'm curious,how many like medieval fantasy RP?

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  1. I'm just wondering how many people like to RP as knights,paladins,etc.If so,what's your favorite Vocation?
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  2. I'm a big fan of the whole Medieval Fantasy/D&D scenario. I typically play either an archer or a thief, but I sometimes play a cleric/priest if the rest of the group seems to have enough combatants already.
  3. i usually play D&D for this
  4. Medieval fantasy is usually a staple for forum roleplaying, so I imagine quite a few people enjoy it!

    As far as vocations are concerned, I usually lean towards making characters in medieval fantasy settings who have a history with less action-packed career paths or have had less experience in their work. I have more characters under my belt that are blacksmiths, personal tutors, and young squires than I do paladins, knights, and arch-mages. I've always found less experienced characters more interesting to play than the grizzled veteran.
  5. Love it...Love it to death! That's my genre man! I like playing lots of vocations but Assassins are currently my favorite. Oh and mages and healers.
  6. One of my favorite genre is medieval fantasy. I like to RP as paladins, healers, assassins, rangers, and mages.
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  7. I adore this genre, and usually just fill in a role that others aren't picking.
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  8. Lol,I wonder if anybody would like to try one?Btw,I'm usually the Tanker,that bigass {insert species here}that is like the pack mule of the group
  9. I would if I had the time. :rotfl: Good luck if you do though!
  10. I love this genre to death. What kills me is the fact that usually in tabletop rpgs I want to try EVERYTHING.
  11. Fantasy is my main genre, and medieval fantasy is my favorite of all the various subgenres. As for character vocation, it varies a lot and has changed a lot for me over the years.

    I used to be all about paladins and similar roles. I always wanted to be a big dude in plate armor who uses a big weapon and magic of some kind. Could be a super zealot traditional paladin, could be some shady mercenary type guy who picked up some magic tricks, could be a death knight sort of thing, just as long as it used heavy armor with a two-handed weapon and some magic. I played that concept to death, and then I decided to branch out once someone pointed out that I was basically a one trick pony when it came to RP characters.

    Nowadays I just try to pick something not covered by other players, because I can have fun with pretty much any archetype so filling a needed niche is better than treading the same ground over and over. Also, with each character I try to keep it interesting and different from whatever else I'm playing at the time, because I get bored when I feel like I'm playing the same exact character over and over; this is more to do with personality than archetype though, so not exactly relevant to the topic at hand. I've got a sort of diverse set of characters going on right now for the fantasy RPs I'm in, with their archetypes being archer, mage/thief, pure mage, and an old wise woman type who has no magic or anything.
  12. Fantasy is probably my most played genre. Vocation-wise, I'm pretty much all over the place except for playing healer. I hate that role.
  13. *throws confetti into the air with fireworks going off in the background* The Medieval period is my favorite of them all to set my stories in. Typically my character for this scenario would be a swordsman of some sort. Being up close and personal allows the character to understand this opponents that much better. Kind of like when Ichigo from Bleach fights and tries to understand his opponents and why they fight.
  14. I LOVE medieval fantasy! As for my vocation, I'm all about the elves, and in D&D, I like to play as an Eladrin! :D
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  15. I love medieval fantasy, I just need to do more of it.

    Part of the appeal is how wildly creative you can be in some of them. I'm working with a friend to make a fantasy setting that involves things like scientific-method obsessed crowmen who are obsessed with Lovecraftian-inspired horror, Cossack and Mongolian inspired elves, Bedouin fox-men, Romance of the Three Kingdoms monkey philosopher people, and a bunch of others including other elf cultures, a human minority, and all manner of other stuff.
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  16. I do like medieval fantasy such as LOTR and GoT. I'm not super crazy about a lot of magic unless it has a fairly realistic set of rules and it's not just poofing stuff out of midair. Other than that I absolutely love those worlds.
    I like playing most vocations but I tend to shy away from pure mages.

    E: Stupid autocorrect on my phone.
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  17. Gotta echo this in the sense that while magic is awesome, I do like there to be a kind of limit or source for it and not just "PRESTO! I just burned down a village by sneezing. Shiiiiit."
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  18. Any Fantasy Roleplay = good in my book
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  19. I'm loving all this love for my favorite genre and sub. :bananaman: but,their are some things I still have no idea what to call it.Is there such a thing as Free form rp or free style?Because I do things kinda free formed,although I will roll a die (or flip a coin in real life)14 and been a fan for almost year :U
  20. Well, if you look at the forums, the fantasy section (which typically covers most medieval roleplays) has the most posts/threads of any section, excluding the Libertine area.

    So it's sexytime that people love most, followed by medieval fun times.
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