I'm curious, anyone else have a lack of Trick-or-Treaters?

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  1. Walking my kids around my neighborhood, there was hardly anyone out! On total, I'd say we say maybe 20 kids all together in the hour and twenty minutes we walked around. Now, I come from a very nice neighborhood, and every year the streets have been like the malls on Black Friday.

    My husband is in Maryland, and he said that he's seeing the same thing. Since he and my cousin turned on their porch light, they've only had about fifteen kids stop by their house.

    I'm just curious, is there something going on that I don't know about? o.O
  2. Really depends where you live to be honest. I guess some states are different? Im in florida and live in a quiet neighborhood, but my parents have said it has been insane back home and they've given 85 bags of candy out so far
  3. I'm in Florida as well. I blame Rick Scott! Mostly because he looks like a weasel. >_>
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  4. I'm florida and we've had about 30 at the door and when I took my kids out, I saw about eighty.
  5. I didn't get a single one. Now, admittedly, I didn't want any kids bothering me, but I did make sure that I had some small bags of sweets, just in case any did turn up. I heard some outside, but I think in England, people have become so concerned about everything, that kids only go trick or treating to the houses of people that they know, as opposed to the twenty-something single guy that lives at the end of the street...
  6. I'm in Canada. There's no snow at the moment (Which NEVER happens o_o ) but it's rainy, cold and miserable. We've had… maybe 10-15 kids altogether.
  7. I didn't get a single one T_T this is the second year. I thought last year it was just because of rain. I'm not buying candy if I'm still in the same place next year. I don't really want to spend money on candy that I'm just going to sit around and get fat on....not that I mind eating candy but still... All of my disappointment. I never get to experience handing out candy T_T (I lived too far out of town as a kid.)
  8. I take offense to that ma'am! My genetic cousins are just as adorable as we are! Are you saying Rick Scott is adorable? Because he most certainly is not!


    Ignore the smell, we're pretty on the inside... ;-;

    As for Halloween, it's been slowly dying here. Not one kid passed by my neighbourhood in costume. Not one.
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  9. Hell no! I hate Rick Scott. He's about as adorable as road kill.


    That was the weasel I had in mind.
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  10. In our tiny town, the downtown hosts a trick-or-treat, so most families go there for a quick and safe trick or treating experience with their young kids!

    So that leaves only the slightly older kids and the ones in our neighborhood that knock on our door. And we live in a short and small circle cut off from other neighborhoods. So we don't get a lot of trick or treaters. O_O just a few.
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  12. We had a lack of trick or treaters.

    But i'm Australia. We don't celebrate it here. :p
  13. Like others have said, it all depends on location. I think it might depend on plans the community can get involved with, too. People should get together to plan what they wanna do and where, to make it an awesome experience for all. :]

    There were many trick-or-treaters, but not a lot of candy givers. I saw very few homes around here (I live in a small town in Oregon) who welcome trick-or-treaters, so we went to the veteran hall, and the college campus where people handed out candies from the trunks of their cars. I was sad to see that there were very few participants, though. :[ Luckily, my boy is only 19 months old so he didn't really care. Just being out of the house with freedom to walk is a big deal for him. lol
  14. I live in a small neighborhood, we never have very many Trick-or-Treaters.
  15. Up in Ontario, Canada. We got the same amount as last year, which pales in comparison to how many we USED to get some 12 years ago when I was trick-or-treating. I thought maybe it was because Halloween was on a weekday these past few years but nope. Still didn't get many. I think maybe kids are just too sheltered these days. It's (as my mother would put it) "as cold as a witch's tit" up here right now and we had snow flurries. But I strongly remember wearing my snowsuit under my costume as a kid and going door-to-door for hours in a blizzard.
  16. I actually saw far more of them this year than I have any other year I can recall. The most kids that have ever come trick-or-treated at my family's house was one year where we got like five groups.

    The reason I saw a ton this year was because I was working from 3:30-11:30 PM, right in the center of downtown Portland, Oregon. I saw quite literally hundreds of people going by in costume over the night, and I only spent about an hour total actually paying attention to people walking by outside.

    Maybe the general trend is moving away from random neighborhood trick-or-treating and toward going and doing the inner city thing? If that's plausible for where you live, that could explain it.
  17. Had to have at least fifty before we ran out of candy.
    Way more than usual which seemed really odd.
  18. I ran into much less than last year, but still a size-able amount. I think it may have just been due to the threat of rain that was looming over yesterday where I live.
  19. We saw quite a few groups last night as we took our daughter out. However, we stayed in the general area of the Senior Citizen Center of our suburb of the city.
  20. I'm in Texas and besides big ass trucks and big ass steaks and big ass guns and big ass cowboy hats, what's the most important thing to Texans?

    Big ass high school football games.

    And all the people in our small ass town was at the big ass game.

    Our family was like one of seven in our non-big ass moderately sized neighborhood to even hand out big ass pieces candy. We didn't see much else besides big ass halloween bags with a few pieces of candy.