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    Ok, so I recently told a few IRL people about my hobby of forum RP and my life on Iwaku. Up until now I have always kept it a secret, mostly because it is difficult to explain forum RP to normal people, especially most of the people I know..They just wouldn't get it, so I keep my addiction to myself.

    Long story short...it feels good to finally be out.

    So my question for you is: Do you tell IRL people (ones not involved with Iwaku or forum RP) about this hobby? Or are you like me and like having a secret online life?​
  2. I kinda of selectively tell people. o___o If I'm talking to someone that I know is going to be an asshole about the internet and pull that whole "there's no real people on the internet" crap, I usually just say "A community for writers" or "Collaborative Story Telling".

    Otherwise, I tell them I run a roleplay site and then go through the conversation of what writing based roleplay is all about. XD
    We're no longer your secret affair? This is amazing.

    Well, it's not as though I keep Iwaku a secret from anyone, though I don't go around telling EVERYONE either.
    Hahaha, my mother definitely knows. She was so chill about the whole thing. She even offered for October and Jinx to crash at her house on the way to Diana's wedding.
    I have a brought a couple IRL friends to Iwaku, though they never really stayed. When it comes to my grandparents, though, I will admit that I pretend to know some of you from somewhere besides the internet when I just want them to focus on the POINT of the story and not that you guys are crazy interwebs people.
  4. I've always been open about Iwaku. Though, I refer to it as a "writing community" instead of "roleplay forum" because otherwise, I get strange looks. Life as a vulnerable little nerd is hard enough without people going "LOL ROLEPLAY? WHAT A GEEKATRON~"


    Anyway, it's an important place to me. I've spent a lot of time here and learned a lot from the people over the year! I can honestly admit that Iwaku's helped me shape into the great person I am now. So, it's worth mentioning to people when they ask me what I'm doing, or what I'm writing about.
  5. Most of my friends have either done a LARP or played DnD or done both. As such, I don't feel weird about talking about roleplaying, except for the part where I'm writing. None of my friends actually like to write, so they're just like, "Derr ... writing?" I do owe it to a real-life friend to getting me into RPing in the first place. ^_^ But we've sadly since split ways. :X
  6. Only a few people know about me forum RP'ing. Like some others have said, it's not something I go around talking about, but that's because I really don't talk about anything I do. However, in no way shape or form am I afraid to admit it if I'm asked about it. And people will either be like "Oh, that's cool." and go with it, or you'll have the guy that goes. "OMG LOL. ARE YOU SERIOUS?" And usually that is the guy that doesn't understand anything about it.

    I consider it my relaxing escape from everything. A chance to really enjoy myself by creating, writing, and operating characters and stories.
  7. Mostly everyone in RL knows I rp.
    I've never hidden the fact that I roleplay from anyone.
    Whenever I am rping and im in an xbox live party with my friends, I let them know that I am on Iwaku.
    They don't look at me any differently.
    I've always been this way and open with my roleplaying. Even through highschool.
    Some people even call me a animated guy. Lol. But that is cool.
    I'm not afraid to show who I am.
  8. Some of the people on here I have dragged from RL.
    I tell them its a passion and if they dont accept it, then they can stick their genitalia in a blinder.
    Everyone accepted~
  9. None of you exist!

    My mother still doesn't exactly know what I do online even though I've brought people to her house and have gone on many grand adventures to meet some of you. My coworkers don't understand me at all, and my other friends, well I've only brought it up in vague terms. If I had any gamer friends I might be more inclined but I don't and that's okay.
  10. I think...a grand total of two people I know are aware of my RPing. One doesn't really care, and the other one is open to hearing about characters I've developed and what not, but I think that's because he basically does the same thing with a D&D setting.

  11. Don't worry i have a vindicare in place should such a thing happen.
  12. You gotta pass my test first. "Do you like RP's...yeah we like RP's" test.

    1. Do you enjoy gaming as this is the closest main stream idea to RP's?

    2. Do you enjoy writing and are you open to changes in that?

    3. Will you marry me? Would you like to become a party of a friendly community of other people who have practically the same traits and implement both the previous questions together?
  13. Me and one of my other friends roleplay so i can talk to her about it with her. most of my other friends are lazy ((even more so than me)) and dont get the fact that i write for fun XD one of my friends tried it but got bored because when she did a twilight one she told everyone that they sucked at being bella and so on an so forth. But i do have to say that most of my friends know about it and will listen about my freaky stories about you people ((and if they think im making shit up i will show them the page))

    I'm so ashamed of you all. T_T;
  15. Eh...it's my business. But I'm not ashamed of it or anything. I just don't feel like I have to go out there and tell anyone. :/
  16. Psh, I came out of the closet with Iwaku since I joined!
  17. [video=youtube;F-mjl63e0ms]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-mjl63e0ms&feature=fvwrel[/video]

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    October you are now required to make a parody of this song.
  18. yeah... all my friends that I actually hangout with know I'm on Iwaku.... or atleast a roleplay site and they're okay with it, but there's always that one that says "crap... we have otaku in the group"
  19. holy shit this is what i thought when i read the title also XD i just cant post this song because my dad uses this computer and if his youtube list has any songs that he doesnt like i get in trouble XD
  20. I don't try to hide it but I don't tell them if they don't ask me or if we talk about something that can lead me to talking about that. Two of my friends knows about it, one of them got to know because I were at her place and were just going to write a small post, it was a bit irritating because she started to talk to me all the time so I couldn't concentrate xD So in the end I just closed down iwaku and said "I do this later" xD The second one have been role playing for some years (but in Swedish and not on iwaku) and told me about a role play he were in and then I told him about one I were in that I liked a lot.

    So I can tell people about role playing and they would probably understand what it were and such things (all my friends are aesthete people and half of my friends does RL role plays (don't know what you call it in English) where they run around dressed like vampires and elf's, so they would totally understand what I were doing. xD

    So I can tell my friends about role playing, it's just that I don't do it if we don't talk about something that leads me to talk about a specific role play I have done. I could also tell them if I thought that one of my friends would like that kind of thing but the most of my friends aren't people that are interested in role playing. Half of them likes RL role playing but I don't think they are people that would like my kind of role play.