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  1. Hello all! My name is freya. (not my real name) Hmmm... Not sure where to start. I've been role playing for years, can't really say how many. I'll turn 25 in November, I'm female. I only rp mxf when it comes to romance or sexual rp. I use my phone most of the time for the Internet, mostly because I work 5 days a week. Hmmm I'm not to shy but i am self concious about my writing. I think "oh god should I have sent that?" Usually they answer back so I guess what I wrote was ok with them. I'm not good at punctuation but I could do a few paragraphs as long as someone gives me something I can reply to.

    I'm currently obsessed with suicide squad and I'm currently dieing to do a Harley x Joker 1x1. I would like to rp Harley if someone is interested in being Joker. ^^

    Other role plays I like to do.

    Supernatural rps:
    Vampire x shifter slave (I have a specific plot. )
    Vampire x human rp
    Vampire x supernatural being
    Supernatural being x supernatural being
    Shifter x human
    Shifter x shifter
    Shifter x vampire

    Anime rps:
    Death note
    Vampire knight
    Elfen lied
    Wolf's rain

    American horror story: hotel
    Walking dead
    Game of thrones

    (Please feel free to ask me if you have a specific rp you'd like to do. There are a lot more role plays I like to do then those listed. )
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  2. Hi and welcome, Freya! You finding your way around the site alright?
  3. Yes I am, thank you!
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  4. Glad to hear it!
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