I'm better now, so I'm back.

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  1. I apologize that I vanished like I did. My life's a mess. Psychiatry, support groups and some time to learn about myself have 'stabilized me', though. I'll not worry anyone anymore.

    To those who don't know me: I'm 21 years young, and currently 14 weeks pregnant. My hobbies are playing video games, writing (stories and poetry), cooking, watching movies, hiking, and looking at pics of adorable animals. I have a strange passion for octopi because they are smart enough to take over the world and look so amazing. I also love panda bears because...they're cute. Um, that's enough random info I guess.

    If you're kind to me, I'm kind to you in return. Simple as that. :3 Only the people I'm closest too get picked on by me, hehe. It means I love them a lot.

    So... Yeah. Glad to be back. <3 Leave some cupcakes for me.
  2. AAAANDERS! *Flying Glomp tackles* I guess you sort of know the drill already! Welcome back!
  3. Welcome back Andi! :)
  4. Never really talked to you BUT welcome back! ^.^
    I can talk to you nnoooww =P
  5. Welcome back Fluffers!
  6. FLUFFY!

    *Hands out cupcakes*

  7. Good to have you back, Fluffy.
  8. Thank you, guys! <3 Thank you very much.

    Also, that cupcake is awesome, Ozzy. xD You find the best pictures. *saves it in pic folder*
  9. Annnnd, this is mine now.
    *Takes Fluffy*

    I'll be going. You all, shoo. Or not. Doesn't matter. The Fluffems is mine.
  10. Welcome back, my favorite little sister. ;D
  11. welcome back fluffers! 8D
  12. Good to see you back :)
  13. -inhales.-

    * ^*
    Welcome back. <3

  15. Fluffy-sis! <3 Welcome back~ ^-^
  16. [​IMG]

    welcome back my pupil : D here is a special gift!
  17. Welcome back, Floofeh. ^^
  18. O__O Where did you find this!? I want to buy it.

    Also, thank you the rest of you. <333
  19. online pic i've been searching myself haha but haven't fuond it yet :(

    I feel like I should say a few more words, so here they are: