I'm bad at this

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J. C. Quiinn

Original poster
I keep leaving... but i'll try stickin round this time...
I remember you! *Hugs* Not sure if you remember Fluffy but hi anyway. Glad to see you back, JC. :3
I remember you... didn't you do some videogame rp back on the old site?
Hehe, yes I did. :3 Nice to see you can remember me~
Welcome back, dude.
You have the "Gaunt's Ghosts" logo in your Avatar. I LIKE.
You've told me that before SM... and Marauder... new name?
Welcome back Quiinn! Glad to see you're back!
HAI....WELCOME BACK! I 'member youuuuuuuuu!
Damnit, i have no idea who you last two are... (im guessing I forgot or name changes) and I have a sorta idea who Marauder is...
Oh yea, Its October. Just changed it for Halloween.
Sekmed is Corvus Corax the other one is Zypher.

As for me, you should recognize your battle brother.
Oh hush Asmo...

Anyway Quiin I remember you. As for Fluffy and a video game RP, could she have ran it in two places!? I played a panda in one of her's...
Asmo makes us all feel welcome -_-

Welcome back mate.
Yeah I recognize ya vay... And thanks for the welcome back to the rest of you.