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  1. Hello Iwaku. I have plenty of roleplays going on that I adore but I have yet to really get into any good FxF pairings. I really have no plot at the moment but if you are also looking for something FxF just let me know! I prefer someone who is a bit more intermediate with their writing because it is really hard to keep a story going when the writing isn't all that great.

    Trust me I know I haven't been the best writer on an occasion but that was mostly due to lack of knowing what to write and not having enough to go off of. If you want a sample of my writing you can always ask and I can send you one. I am pretty proud of what I can do when I put my mind to it.

    I am always looking for other roleplays as well, I do prefer a female character but will play a male if I like the idea or if the pairing is MxM.

    If you did read this I very much appreciate it! I hope that you will either message me or leave a comment here if anything I have said interests you. If not then good luck in your search.

    Have a marvelous day,

    Lost :)
  2. Hi There,

    I'm new to the website and just starting to join a couple of role plays, I've never been part of a 1x1 role play but would love to give this a try, happy to go ahead with FXF pairing if you're still looking for people? Do you have a particular base story in mind?

    LH, :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.