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  1. Hello everyone, I'm back after a veeery long absence- I was an active member here in '13 but kind of dropped off the face of the earth for awhile. Some of you might (vaguely) remember me, but I don't expect it and I know a lot of people have come and gone. Feel free to say hi on here or pm!

    Some stuff about me:

    General info:

    -You can call me Trix or Cica, whichever you prefer.
    -I'm a slytherin but not a very active or serious member of the HP fandom. Once I have the money, I plan on diving deeper.
    -I love writing and currently have three stories that I need to work on (novels, really). I don't have the time or the confidence/skill to pursue that just yet though.
    -I'm a college student, and I'm not totally sure what I'll major in. I know I love anthropology and French is pretty cool though, so I have something to go off of.
    -I volunteer at a horse rescue and know how to ride (hunter pleasure, and a little bit of saddle seat).
    -I cosplay! Not very elaborately because of my lack of time/money/skill, but I try.
    -I love to reading and watching tv, to the point where it's somewhat problematic.
    -I have some chronic medical stuff I deal with, so I occasionally disappear for a few days. If this happens while we're talking/rping I'll try to give you a heads up, but if I don't PLEASE don't take it personally.
    ~sometimes I have bad days and when I write on those, the writing really isn't all that great. I do my best regardless, so please be patient.

    RP specific info:

    -I'm not a big fan of rps with large groups. They can be fantastic of course, but generally I prefer to stick to small groups (4-5 people max with an average of 2 main characters each) and 1x1s, which I'm most familiar with.
    -chat rps are super fun too. when I started rp, that's how I learned. It wasn't until a year or more later than I joined a forum.
    -I love fantasy, specifically modfan and high fantasy (historical fiction is cool, but not my thing)
    ~supernatural modfans give me life, as one of my books (series?) is exactly that.
    -sci fi is also cool and I may someday dabble, but I have much less experience
    -I'm better with making and developing characters than I am with making and developing plots. I'm working to improve this, but when it comes to brainstorming the characters come first.
    -I try to have variety with my characters. That being said, I'm still working on it so please be forgiving
  2. Oh my goodness, another horse rider! Well, welcome back again, and I hope you have fun here the second time around~
  3. Welcome back Cicatrix! Please take this complimentary welcome back balloon to commemorate your return! *Balloon* :D
  4. Ugh, those reply bubbles need to get fixed again...
  5. @Cicatrix

    Hey, you! Good to see you again!
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