I'm back!!

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  1. Salutations! And welcome to my I'm Back thread. Most you may not remember me, I only had like 1 rp going when I first went on hiatus..and if that person wants to continue said rp, that would be amazing, but that was like 2 years ago or something, so I'm not going to press the issue if they don't really want to.

    Anywho!! Now that I'm back I would like to get into a few rps, nothing to serious because I am a busy person so group rps will be something I won't really join unless personally asked to.

    Also!! If I get into a serious rp with someone I would like some kind of outside be it through KiK or Skype or some other app or something. It's only to let each other know what's going on for the sake of the rp..because honestly I don't want to disappear for forever and my rp partner not know what's going on.

    Soooo....yeah. I guess I'll go looking around and see if I can find anything. If you guys have any ideas feel free to get a hold of me. I'm comfortable playing both male and female. I've also kind of lost my love to romance rps..I'm not entirely sure why, but maybe I can find it again? I also novel style write when rping. I use asterisks when just casually chatting with people though lol

    Ok..I think I'm done here....

    *wonders off*
  2. Welcome back! I hope that you stay forever for a long time.
  3. That's not....creepy in the slightest.

    *Zone's out*

    Oh..sorry. I just got this image of a total creeper like heavily breathing onto their computer screen as they type. I-uh..I think..maybe...I should probably.....yeah Ima go

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  4. Well then! O___O WELCOME BACK!
  5. I thank you, Lady Diana! I'm excited to be back! :D
  6. Hello there Razilin! How beith thee?