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  1. Hey all! I really want to get back into role playing because it's been awhile!
    So to get back into things I want to start with something I love to write and am comfortable with --
    Basically the plot is that a young woman, either pregnant or already has a baby, runs away from her abusive boyfriend/husband. She then somehow stumbles into another man (your character) whether it be looking for help, need a tire changed, or hiding in his barn. I would prefer if the male was rough but sweet, a cowboy or farmer type.
    This could be modern or historical (1880-1890 time period, don't need a lot of historical knowledge as I don't mind if it's not totally accurate). Let me know :) I will be gone Mon-Fri on vacation but would like to start before or after :) thanks!!
  2. Heya!
    I would love to try to make such a character!
    Would you prefer it to be in the end of the ninteenth century or modern?
  3. I would prefer historical but I want my partner to be comfortable with it :)
  4. I'm fine with either, so all's good. PM me?
  5. I'd love to RP with you, I love the idea.
  6. Yay! Message me :)
  7. Still looking as a few of my partners have disappeared :(
  8. My history may not be perfect but I like the plot!
  9. That's fine - as long as they aren't watching TV in the 1880s, it's all good :)
  10. Lol okay :)
  11. Message me, and we can start something!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.