I'm back.

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  1. I never announced my departure, but, well, here I am again with a shiny new name and avatar after my absence. Please invite me to something. I am so out of practice.
  2. Welcome back, Luka!! ^v^ I hope you'll stick around this time! I don't think I knew you, but, hey, welcome all the same!
  3. Not so much 'know' as interacted with, Overwatch.
  4. Welcome back Kijin nka Luka! >:3
  5. Aah! MOKU!? Oh gosh, I feel really not smart...
  6. oh my gosh hi diana pls give hugs
  9. Oh, someone wants stories :D
    Welcome back Luka, join some of mine ^^
    Is it just me that feels a bit wierd when I welcome people who were here before me xD
    Have a good time at Iwaku once again ;)
  10. Welcome back! I don't think I knew you before, but I love seeing people coming back home~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.