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  1. I've missed you all so much, and I can't express how much I mean that. The world without fellow creative minds was monotonous and dull; but just at the prospect of coming back I find myself at ease and for once hopeful again. And I do plan to join you lot in writing, of course.

    I left in a fit of anxiety and in my rush gave very little explanation as to what had happened. For those couple of you who knew me well enough to worry, let me explain:

    Since shortly after my Spring term of university in 2013, I had been working as an HCA in a foster home; this job was very comfortable for me because I already knew the children I was working with, and the family was essentially my own. For the first few months, it really was sparkly and I had a lot of optimism for my future with them all. And while I do not regret the time I spent learning about a new part of myself which I had never met before, I slowly began to realize what the foster home really was.

    The children were well-treated, of course, but as I was educated on the nature of my state-authorized job position and that of my counterparts in the household, I gradually understood more and more how much the family was exploiting the system for personal gain. And although they did not do so in a diabolical manner, I was uncomfortable being a part of that, and was not eager to start a legal war for something I had no hand in. More and more, I voiced my concerns and earned increasingly hostile attitudes from a woman I once knew as a godmother and a family I had previously named as were they my own.

    I threatened their li'l slice of the world by my very presence, and in early March 2016, they saw fit to dismiss me; and because they were fearful that in my frustration I might become a whistleblower, they applied legal leverage which thankfully never amounted to much or I likely wouldn't be working the wonderful job I have now. It took several months of effort, but I've finally got myself a happy li'l home with dear friends and dear animals to keep me company. And a nice Netgear C7000 gateway so I can connect to you guys!

    That was very heavy, and I apologize if it has put you at unease; just know that I am safe and content, and that things are looking up for me. I'm planning on resting a while, and maybe I'll go finish that computer security degree some time. In the meanwhile, I hope to write with you folks once again, and remind myself why roleplay was so much of my brainspace.

    I don't know if I'm quite ready to return to maintenance, but it's certainly something I'd like to think about in the coming months. My anxieties are more amplified than they were, but with any luck Iwaku will provide the environment I need to maintain a healthy and productive mind once more.

    I love you all, and I can't wait to see what I've missed — and what's in store! — for this lovely community.
  2. Oh goodness! That sounds terrible! D:

    I'm new around here and I hope things work out better for you in the near-future! It's nice to meet you, @Samster! I hope to see you around! *sprinkles with happiness*
  3. Welcome back!
  4. @Isla;
    I thank you for your good wishes, and likewise hope you find Iwaku to your liking!

    It's good to be back. Five months without a solid creative outlet has taken its toll on me, and I'm glad to see that you are all still well.
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  5. @Samster, I remember you :o Welcome back ^.^ Glad you're in a good place now :)
  6. I even have my own kitty, now! She's a half-lynx tuxedo, and boy is she feisty. Plus she gets to live with her littermate, who is very protective of her. They're very adorable together despite being very wild li'l bricks of muscle.
  7. Aww <3 They do sound adorable :o I have two kitties of my own and they're absolute brats to one another o.e
  8. What sort are they?
  9. My baby girl is this dainty little blue cream Turkish Angora and my mom's handsom fellow is a thirteen pound Siberian mix. The size difference is real xD If you want a better image just look at a door knob and imagine a fluffy orange thing reaching for it and just about touch it. Then imagine a fluffy gray thing reach for it and only get just a little over half way up. What's really funny is that small little gray thing smack that large orange mass around because she really doesn't like it when he perches on her perches xD
  10. Woah, catfight! They sound like fun li'l fiends to keep around!
  11. They are :3 As much as they go after each other, they don't actually go all out fight. It's mainly just Kiki chasing Rusty off her perches and Rusty purposely stretching in front of her and it's like the cat version of "I'm not touching you" xD Right now I have Kiki head butting my leg and purring up a storm trying to get my attention.
  12. She sounds like a cozy breadloaf! I hope your kitties are healthy and happy for many years to come.
  13. She is <3 Thanks and I hope the same for yours ^.^
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  14. Welcome back to Iwaku, Sam!
    Though I didn't really know you in the beginning, hopefully, we can change that this time round'.
    That entire story sounds intense, and I am amazed to some extent people will go in order to get financial aid, but hey, such is life.
    Anyways, good luck with the future in IRL and on Iwaku and I hope to get to know you sometime soon :)
  15. Likewise, Ali! I'm excited to get to know a lot of you more now that things have settled in.
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  16. Welcome back! I love your avatar ; v ;
  17. Thanks! It's a combination of this piece by Wataameron and this capture by ButteryPlanet!
  18. SAAAAAMMY! Welcome back! O_O man this year has been rough for a lot of us.
  19. Oh, no! I hope your hiatus hasn't been too awful! With any luck, I hope this latter half of the year will be better.
  20. Welcome back!
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