Im Back. (:❤

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  1. Life called me. I had school troblues and also i needed to find myself. During my absence i got into a relationship that was really unhealthy.. My ex didnt allowed me to have friends (guy friends), didnt allow me outside, constantly critized me, no commincation, and acccuses me of cheating when i was not. I also havent really been feeling well. My bones hurt alot and on my 18th birthday i was ill and couldnt walk and he brought more crap on me on my birthday. He also made me cry alot. He was insecure and selfish. I had to take care of my mother also. Things got better between us. So im greatful for that.

    Anywho. I left him and decided to come back to Iwaku because i missed rping and rping will take the stress away from whats going on in my life at this point. Im still alittle sad to let something like that distroy me and make me feel under them in a way. But im much better than that.

    Im up for rps and ill continue to answer unreplied Rps. I hope they answer back. ❤

    Have a good day you guys.

  2. Welcome back. And I hope that from this point, things will get better for you. :3
  3. Thank you (:
  4. Things will get better for you, Insh'Allah.

    Also, welcome back!
  5. Thank you ❤
  6. Welcome back to the site, Dark Angel! :D
  7. Thank you. ❤
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.