I'm BACK wishing for 1x1 Avengers and SUPERNATRUAL

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  1. Fan of SPN, Supernatural for those who do not know. I love the show and that I also love we are about to have our Lucifer back as well. YAY! I will always be looking for 1x1 roleplays and anyone that likes supernatrual or the Avengers !

    SPN Fandom list I like

    Lucifer x OC

    Dean x OC

    Sam x Lucifer

    A kelpie x Hunter

    Angel x Demon

    Azazel x OC

    Dean x Castiel

    Gabriel x Sam

    Avengers pairings

    Loki x Tony

    Loki x Clint

    Clint x Coulson

    Tony x Hawkeye

    Loki x Thor

    Loki x OC

    Thor x OC

    Natasha x OC
  2. Lots of choices since I love both SPN and Avengers. xD I guess I want to give Sam x Lucifer a try.
  3. OMG YAY PM me
  4. Will do. :)
  5. I'll do something Loki and Thor or Loki and OC related with you.
  6. Pm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.