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  1. Ray

    "People are free to believe whatever they want. Whether what they believe is true, is a different matter. I prefer to stick to the truth."
  2. Belle

    She tilted her head "If you prefer the truth why are you lying to me?"
  3. Ray

    "I'm not, no more than you two." He looked at John, "You work towards the defeat of Dagger, yet you are still a part of their organization. It raised you." John looked down as he turned to Belle. "And your relation to the girl with the skull mask. Gwen, was it?"
  4. Jason

    "Is this supposed to be Apollo?"


    "Yes, but it signifies the Hunter in our plans. It's also a figure she wasn't supposed to take out of the base. If you change your mind." He slid a business card across the table to him. "Let us know." He lead Belle out.

    Dylan poked his head out of Ray's office and motioned for them to come in the office.
  5. Ray "I'm well aware of exactly where they are and how far their reach extends." He interlocked his fingers. "Hmm, so Jason is also one of the people you are trying to recruit. Interesting. So, your plan is to assemble a team of superpowered people to take down Dagger."
  6. "She's upstairs."
  7. Belle

    Her eyes narrowed at the mention of the name "Only Joey likes to call me that." She mumbled under her breath, somewhat horrified that this man before them knew all this. "That's vaguely creepy Apollo."
  8. "I've been very hands-on with Sophie."
  9. “Oh, it’s some human novel. I don’t think it’s that Sophie.”
  10. John

    "Agreed. We can talk more about that later though. Yeah, Paris was definitely more fun. I do still feel bad for whoever had to clean that bedroom that next morning." He blushed.
  11. Lucius was quiet as he continued cooking.