I'm back, baby!

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After a long, long semester of legal stuff and whatnot, I am finally able to return to my busy schedule of writing fictional characters' lives. This will either be productive or a waste of everyone else's time.

For whatever reason, I'm hoping for the former.
Welcoming back man hope you can stick around for awhile this time.
Why, welcome back from the evil evil wilds of schooling! >:D
School is an entirely unnecessary evil, I'm glad you are done with it.
YOU BASTARD! I was afraid of you leaving for too long and then just never coming back....

It's like a reunion. I'm glad you're back, Palonis. ^_^
I'm pretty sure we all enjoyed your writing, so I doubt you need to worry.
And now I sound like I'm lecturing you.
*Steals Pal away to a corner, not letting anyone touch him*

*S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s begin to populate the thread.*
Hey don't know you that well but I know that you used to be around here, anyway welcome back.

*walks off into the shadows*
The group of overly dramatic people with talking animal companions is complete once more.