I'm Back and Wondering if Anyone Will Be Interested in...

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  1. Okay, first off, sorry it took me forever to get back guys! It's been like a month.... x.x But studying for finals and obtaining a random, out-of-the-blue new job takes a lot out of you x.x

    But I'm back and I am ready! >:3 I am still interested in my old threads, but I have some new ones I might want to try out as well. ^^

    New Ideas:

    - One of my ideas were having a normal human being (male or female) actually be royalty in another realm/world and the other character was sent to protect him/her. I was thinking of the protecter being either an Angel/Demon type thing, or some sort of cross-breed, but I'm not entirely sure.

    - Another is about some aliens that either were stranded, or travelled to Earth and weren't able to get back to their planet, are trying to blend in with normal human life (maybe only one alien). The alien looks like any other normal human, but he/she doesn't quite properly understand the social norms/etiquette of the human race, so they appear a little odd. I was thinking of having a human somehow find out that the alien isn't actually human, and have the government secretly looking for him/her. Basically like a knock-off of Roswell :P

    So as of right now, that is all the ideas. But I'm open to suggestions, and feel free to invite me to your threads/ ideas! :)

  2. wootness!!! we are soooo glad that your back first of all...
    and second of all i really like the ideas you've got, go ahead and PM me if you wanna do one ^_^
  3. Okay great! :D I'll message you a little later today! ^^ Thanks for showing interest Duchess!
  4. ^_^ youre welcome