I'm back! And wanting to write. (mxm?)

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  1. After a long while of being away from Iwaku, I am finally back, and for good. This meaning I can now Role play again! Allowing all of my creative juices to flow out (considering I have taken a hell of a lot of inspiration from the many books I have been reading while away) into a juicy, exciting new Role play. It's just finding somebody to share the experience with.

    With that being said:

    • I prefer to play a masculine submissive. (I can't stand 'fluffy' subs. Nooo, I just like my character to be the receiver is all.) But depending on the plot, sometimes I'd love to play the overall dominant character of the two.
    • I adore violence, aggression, sadism, all of that crap.
    • Modern based plots.
    • Character references to humans (I can't stand anime- just not my cup of tea. ;( )
    • Please be literate.
    • I tend to write between a few paragraphs to a novel. And whatever you write, I will match it. I expect the same.
    • I am incredibly open minded, and always looking for new things to try out.
    • I can come up with various plots, but I'd much appreciate if I weren't the only one.
    • (Unusual request) but it makes me uncomfortable to actually begin the Role play. I also much prefer Role play over PM as I feel I have more freedom there.

    Please send me a message, or comment, or whatever. I'd be more than happy to make a few friendships as well as a few Role play partners.

    - Charlotte.
  2. Hey, I'm up for doing this with you!
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  3. Sounds cool! Inbox me. :)
  4. Pm me~ Im interested
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