I'm back and I'm here to stay. But I still need a partner

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  1. I'm honestly up for anything, but what I love to do is fantasy, sci-fi, modern, realistic, and things in that area. Romance always has to be mixed in. lol.

    Oh and I'm fine with FxF just as much as I am fine with MxF romance wise.

    Any takers???

  2. Count me in
  3. Yay ^_^ pm me what you have in mind so we can get this started :3
  4. Already PMed you
  5. I am also interested, though I tend to play multiple characters. I prefer fantasy or cyberpunk, preferring fantasy the most though. My characters range from male to female, Human, Tiefling, Drow and half giant all of which range from good to evil. If you wish you can check out my recent post or simply drop me a message. Thank you for your time...