I'm Back and Enclosed is Why.

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  1. I hate Disappearing.

    But sadly that is what I had to do recently...My life was flipped upside down when I found out that I was sick.
    I found out that I had a lung disease that would need to be addressed through countless hospital visits and overnight stays.

    I was pumped with more antibiotics than I thought possible.
    Now I am so much better...I have time to roleplay again!

    I left a lot of roleplays in the middle and I'm so very sorry! I don't mean to ever stop roleplaying in large chunks without notice again. I'm going back to every day posting! So YAY :D


    Can't wait to get back!

    <3 Leanne!
  3. Welcome back to iwaku :3
  4. WHO AM I?

    I am the BEST!

    Actually, I'm a roleplayer. 'Nuff said.

    And thank you for the welcome :D
  5. Welcome back...um....uh........welcome back!