I'm back and and ready to roleplay ~ (MxM or FxM -- always open)

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  1. Wow, I really haven't been on in quite some time. :err:

    Nevertheless, I am ready for anyone who fits this criteria:
    • Someone with proper grammar [ self-explanatory, yes?]
    • Somebody who can keep a plot going [ I cannot stress this enough ]
    • Somebody willing to play the male if we do a hetero roleplay? [ This one isn't exactly obligatory more as it is a preference because I need to sharpen my female writing skills. ]
    • Someone advanced and realistic when writing [ Do. Not. Read. My. Character's. Mind. Unless he has the ability to read minds ]
    That isn't so bad, right? Um, I'd also like to add that if we do a MxM, I'd thoroughly enjoy someone who would allow me the chance to try being the uke/sub? I don't think I've ever roleplayed a submissive character and I would like my chance at some point. I don't plan on making a whiny bitch, maybe someone a little more geeky/innocent. A smart guy, really; depends on what you're into at this point. Or a roleplay without a dom and sub at all. I do pretty much every genre, to be honest. Except steampunk. I just can't...

    Here are a list of pairings I'm interested in, and keep in mind I'm open to anything else! [ *means I want the role]
    • Father/Son*
    • Knight/Prince*
    • Brother/Brother* (step, blood, twins, I don't really care)
    • Brother/Sister*
    • Some sort of dramatic love triangle
    • Alien(any sort of humanoid creature)/Human*
    • Soldier/Soldier*
    • Solider/Nurse*
    • Friends with benefits
    • Best friend*/Best friend's older brother
    • Anything couple related
    • Anything else, seriously
    • Anything fantasy or X-Men related I will love you forever
    I may or may not have a few, small plot ideas though they kind of deal with mature themes, but I'm not sure if it is for everyone. They're not so bad, actually, I just am too lazy to jot them down. I am open to anything else you might have to offer. Seriously. Blood and gore? I'm in. Some good smut I'm in. Horror? Yes please. Mystery. If the plot is good, I can get into it. Anything!
    no steampunk though

    So, PM me if you're interested or comment below; though I will reply faster if you send me a message. :moose:

    Happy Holidays ~
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