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I'm back again.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by gallowsCalibrator, Jan 27, 2015.

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  1. I don't get how people don't find my plots interesting :I

    Anyways ._.

    I dont have any drama to add to it But all I know is that my partner's a girl and I'm playing as two male twins. So its basically a love triangle.

    Okay... So Twin A ( I made a name I just forgot about it) Is like a completely serous guy, he's like straight a student blah blah blah... And your character would be like head over heels over Twin A. Meanwhile Twin B is a complete opposite of Twin A. He's a Jock, and he's completely reckless. He doesn't care about school AND Not to mention he fact that he's a Player (just to add drama let's make your character a cheerleader XD)

    So... Yeah, I'm basically gonna be making a plot out of that... Somehow

    Like Twin B starts to like your character... But Twin A doesn't have "Time" for relationships even if he starts to like your character. But then your character starts to like Twin B.... And then his player reputation.... And then OMG XD

    I just made a plot just from writing here...wow.

    So yeah... XD I actually like his plot XD
  2. Hold up, I like this plot but. Are you twin A and B? XD I'm so sorry for asking, but I'm really curious. I can be such a ditz sometimes.
  3. Yeah XD I really like playing two characters Cus when I do, I usually write more than I usually do
  4. o^o Ohh~

    Welp.. May I join then? I haven't really done a MxF type relationship in a while due to not interested. But, I'd like to give it another chance :P.
  5. Sure XD I'll go ahead and pm you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.