I'm ba-ack...with new ideas!

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  1. So here I am, ready once again to RP after a hiatus. Let's see...to start off I am literate and can do about 1-4 paragraphs a post. I like depth and complexity in characters, so static ones or Mary Sues I will not enjoy. My schedule might be a bit rocky for a few weeks in January, but other then that I'll be pretty active.

    So, for things I roleplay: I'm a fan of comedy, and enjoy lighter RPs, though serious ones are fine as well. I enjoy futuristic ideas as well, and wouldn't mind spending some time to create some fantasy world to RP in if you'd like. I do most any pairings-het or slash, all good. And in fandoms, I'm good with either using a canon(I always prefer canon characters) but I can,make OCs as well.

    Now, onto those plot bunnies! Here's one I have:

    Chicago, 1925-Life is rich in America, the good times rolling with no chance of stopping. Here, a police detective has been doing quite well for himself. See, he's famous for hunting down gangsters all around the Windy City, and has made quite a reputation.

    That is, until she enters his life.

    She is a young girl, a flapper who comes to him in tears. She says that her brother has been abducted by Ben Masterson's gang. He is shocked. This pretty young girl has a connection to the largest and most elusive mob in Chicago?? He takes the job quickly, not really thinking when he should have. For you see, Ben Masterson did this on purpose; he wants this detective dead. And many a pretty face led men to their downfall...

    We'd play as the flapper and detective. I could also fill in as other characters when needed. And I would prefer being the flapper, if you don't mind.

    That really the only plot to come up so far. I can add more later. ^^;

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    Just to be honest here, I love the Lobelia characters. Might want to play as one some point.

    Preferably in the Hoenn or Unova region, and as trainers or gijinka.

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  2. I'm rather interested in the whole 1920's idea. I love detective movies and whatnot, so I'd get a kick out of this. I'm somewhat new to all this though, just to tell you. If that doesn't bother you though then yea, I'd like to try.