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  1. EDIT: Whoops, I meant to post this in Counseling, my bad.

    Here's a series of PM's from *REDACTED* regarding the location of my house on his minecraft server. Normally I don't like to crossover two different forums I'm on, but I'm making an exception this time because I just cannot deal with this guy any longer.
    Basically, I'm not just gonna sit here and take this kind of treatment from someone who I expected to be more mature, understanding, and willing to compromise is situations like this, especially if their plans are to run a server. But, no, this is what I get, some babbled nonsense about how my house is "taking up too much space" and needs to be moved, even after I have clearly explained, twice even, that not all of which he has mentioned is actually a part of what I lay claim to and the rest of it can be adjusted later as it sees fit, it's not mine, only the house on top is mine.

    The location or nature of my house has not, nor has been an issue other that what he is making it out to be through these PM's. Even so, I still tried to compromise with him on the matter, as would any normal human being, and yet he refused to even listen me, as per usual. The funny thing is? I knew that was gonna happen, but I thought that maybe, just maybe, he had learned better by now. Silly me. Contrary to what he may believe, that's not the kind of attitude you want to hold on to if you want to run a server properly. Take it from the other server admins I know, listening is key, because, believe or not, even as someone in higher power, you can still be wrong. I honestly don't see how he can think this is a good server when the main person in charge refuses to listen and compromise with its members, especially if that refusal stems from their personal background or history with each other.

    I would love to stay on this server, but I'm not sure I can without fear of poor treatment, like this here, for arbitrary reasons such as my house being on top of a mountain as a direct result of my personal history with the server owner.
  2. It is my understanding that if you are away from the city limits one may build what they please. As a mountain is most likely not a part of said city I fail to see the problem with your house. As it would affect nothing in the world. The amount of blocks used should also not be an issue as again in Mine Craft the world is infinite. It sounds like he is just picking on you with out reason.
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  3. Thank you! It's about time I had someone back me up. All I ever get is people backing him up simply because they know him better than they know me, and because they're all too stubborn. It's infuriating, let me tell you.
  4. The way I see it. If there isn't a rule saying "Don't build fucking huge things" Which from the sounds of it isn't a rule, then you're fine no matter WHAT you build. Unless this is an rp server then the "floating" shouldn't be an issue and they should just shove it. However the way they're treating you isn't that cool. A ladder/stairway up TO a house isn't part of the house in my opinion. It sounds like they don't have a problem with the actual house.....so it's kinda odd that they'd bitch about the ladder (how do they expect you to get up there?). It sounds like they'd bitch about a road leading up there too..... So was the server owner the one yelling? Because then they kinda reserve the right to move your place, just saying.
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  5. Even if it is an rp server I feel like the treatment is not fair. The over veiw of the messages appears to have been writen in anger, and would stand to reason that his problem resides more with you then the house. Also as Luna said the ladder is not a part of your house. Ask him how if affects anyone, or anything. Press the question publicly as you are likely to get backing from others. You deserve that clean slate >:)
  6. It's quite obvious that the problem is with me and our personal history, and not the matter that he was intially discussing, now isn't it? I tried to go public with it and that only pissed him off, and of course he's got his little band of people who are overly loyal and seem to lack the ability to think open mindedly. And since that little band of people consists of nearly half the community (it's not a very big community) and they hold a great deal of influence over everyone else, he alone is capable of convincing the entire forum that I'm the bad guy when I'm actually not.

    And this only happens merely because we got off on the wrong foot when we first met, and we've never gotten along since. I want to settle the matter and get on better terms with him, but he absolutely refuses to allow me that, simply because of the things I've done in the past when I didn't know any better. After all this time I really do deserve that clean slate, but I've known him for far too long, I know he's way to stubborn to ever give it to me.
  7. Hunger in the world, disease, misfortune and he is worried about a house in a game....yeah....anything he says is invalid. Redirect him to this:
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