I'm already a topic of discussion, apparently.

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  1. So...yeah. SGTDan was talking about the RP I wanted to do here in the chat. We'd be doing it in the forum, I mean, but he was talking about it in the chat. K? Okay.

    So...just trying to get my idea used. I sound a lot more like a tentative member than I mean to...


    You can call me Alice, if you don't want me to be an AI at all times. I'm not REALLY an AI, but this username is the username of an AI in the sample post I had for the other forum for the RP to make it make more sense. It'll work better here, probably. The setup is much more efficient.

    So, I'm rambling because I have nothing else to say. I'm recently 18, if anyone needed to know, though I don't think you did.

    What kind of RPs do I like? Well, for me it, really depends on the way they're run and who's running them. I tend to like grittier RPs, though. Doesn't mean I won't do some high fantasy story, where I'm playing a genderless kitsune trying to gain acceptance as a female, even though she's (theoretically) a computer game character played by a young korean guy who only looks a little feminine. (Yes, I happen to be in one of those elsewhere. It's fun). But just because I'm in that, doesn't mean I won't do something like Dead Space. I can do anything, and am open to a lot of different ideas. I like new things. So shiny~!
  2. Well that was a tad hard to follow, but welcome to Iwaku! I hope you enjoy your stay here and find a bunch of rps which satisfy your creative drive!
  3. A gender-less kitsune you say? Interesting.

    You can see from my picture that I am a neko >:]

    I see you love role playing...hmm....-digs through his sections file cabinet and pulls out some jump-in roleplay.

    I'm tossing this link your way. Its some Jump-ins. Why not give it a look and you may find more topics you like.

    Enjoy your stay here, Miss, Kitsune. ^^
  4. Welcome to the community, Alice. :]

    I am Iliana and its a pleasure to meet you! Female looking Koreans definitely accepted here. >:] If you need something, throw a brick at my face and I'll get right to it!

  5. Ah, Good Ol' Sarge..

    Welcome Alice! It's awesome to have you here.
    You'll find that are always new ideas here on Iwaku, and you'll get some yourself surely!
  6. It's okay, I make more sense in-character than out.

    Got some bad news this morning. REALLY bad news. So probably won't do that. You probably wouldn't like my posts so much. Or maybe you would. I don's know. Little less predictable when I'm sad. But I've stopped being sad because all it does is make me sad. Doesn't accomplish anything good. So I stopped being sad and became awesome instead.

    I can show you the character. S/He's pretty awesome, even though the CS is REALLY simple...but would need some context.

    I won't throw a brick at your face. Maybe a paving stone. I kind of wanted to do that to a few people today, so don't feel special about that.

    I've already posted a jump-in RP, if anyone's interested. ^~^

    Also, love your sig~!