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  1. As the title suggests I am craving some bondage in my next RP. Now of course the RP doesn't need to center around bondage, I want a plot too, but bondage is a must in the story we're going to do. It can be rope bondage but I have been wanting some tentacle bondage as of late so if you're interested in that please tell me.

    Some ideas I have in my head include,

    * A Rebellious Slave Is Taught A Lesson (Any pairing, although FxF would be cool)

    * The Dom Of The Relationship Wants Something More Than Vanillia Sex (Any pariring, will do but I would like MxF with me RPing the M sub) [TAKEN]

    * Explorer Discovers Something In Ancient Temple, Happens To Be Something With Tentacles (Any Pairing) [TAKEN]

    * Your Own Idea!

    PM me or post here if you're interested. :)

    Also, if an idea is taken from the shortlist I made. It will probably not be used again. Probably.
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  2. Updated.

    Still got some slots open.
  3. I would like male x male if that okay , Im intrested still of course , I love all sort of stuff like that im 18 so make sure we can rp together and that we are in the same age group so i dant break the rules XD Message me to talk further about plots and such
  4. I"m interested in doing M/M :)
  5. We should do one :) together
  6. I'd love too! I've been dying to do a M/M forever since all my old ones died :/ PM me and we can start planning :D
  7. How about that M x F one? Seems interesting.
  8. Sweet, I guess I will PM you. :3
  9. Updated.

    Yuki40 and Becky Young-Bae expect your threads to be made tonight at the earliest.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.