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  1. I have sat here for over an hour now trying to removing fucking adware from my computer. Between yesterday when my antivirus expired (while I was asleep mind you) and today when I installed the new one I bought God forsaken unisales adware installed on itself on my computer today. I uninstalled it from programs and features and its still there. FML. It's gonna drive me crazy with pop ups and useless ads. Rant over.
  2. *Pat* *Pat*
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  4. Malwarebytes. Go get Malwarebytes. Right here. Antiviruses fight viruses, antimalware fights malware like adware.

    Run it, kill everything it finds with fire, reboot, do it one more time to ensure it's clean. If it's infected your browsers, clear their caches and reinstall them so they're back to default settings.

    Good luck.
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  5. Open start.
    Go to control panel.
    Go to "programs" or "uninstall a program."
    Uninstall said program.
    If program cannot uninstall you should be informed to it's link.

    Either that you or have a funky computer virus. In that case I'd recommend immediately finding trustworthy anti-virus software, but most freeware anti-virus is questionable and can gum up your cpu with useless threads. Have you're pc looked at otherwise.
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  6. This is trustworthy but be sure to check what software it removes. Don't let it get a false positive and delete a necessary program you may have installed.
  7. For free stuff...

    Antivirus: Avast! works well.
    Firewall: ZoneAlarm.
    Spyware/Malware: Malwarebytes.

    I run them all in conjunction with each other, they work, they're free.
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  8. Reboot your computer into safe mode. That might help.
  9. *curls up in corner in fetal position to cry in frustrarion*

    I'm so computer stupid I don't know how to do these things...don't laugh at me T_T

  10. If the pop ups are freezing the computer shut it off entirely then remove your internet connection.
    When you're pc is booting up hold down the F8 key and advanced options will come up. Use your directional pad to choose "safe mode." This allows the pc to start with extremely limited functions. This may suppress any virus long enough to format the drive. However I DO NOT recommend formatting the drive as that will require you to re-install Windows, this is also assuming you are running Windows XP or 7.

    If you're not comfortable doing any of this, I highly recommend finding a local shop to fix your pc. It shouldn't cost much to do a diagnostic and do a check on the hard-drive after or if they can remove whatever the issue may be.
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  11. Well, I am going to try to install malware bytes and see if that will help if I can get the browser running long enough. My issue is that it out an add on for it in my toolbar and I uninstalled the program but it was still there. I checked my tool bar add ons and it's there but because I uninstalled the program it says it's not available and won't let me delete it but it's still functioning. -_-
  12. That's what most adware does. It's essentially a one-off rewrite tool. Once you uninstall it you still have to clean up the shit it's left behind. Ergo, malwarebytes flushes it out if you can get it down and install it. Then you reinstall your browser.

    If it's still around, then yeah, you'll probably want to just go pay to get it fixed. You're not tech savvy and that's alright.
  13. Forgive me once again for being dumb, but if I uninstall my browser how do I access the Internet to reinstall it?
  14. Also kinda waiting out the initial scan my antivirus is doing to see if that picks up on it.
  15. Read this. That is the Windows official site and provides a detailed instruction on doing so. Print or write this stuff down.


    If you want to uninstall the browser, here's how:
    1. Click the Start button, and enter Programs and features in the search box.
    2. Click Programs and Features in the list of results, and then click View installed updates.
    3. Find Windows Internet Explorer under Microsoft Windows.
  16. Ah, it's good to be a Linux user!


    That software is a life saver, but do uncheck the files that you want to keep >.< it sometimes detects installed software as adware due to the similarities in the way they're stored on the PC
  18. Ran ads cleaner and malware bytes is scanning now. Only took 80 years
  19. Yeah but you don't have reliable support for most games and at least 85% of programs made are coded specifically for Windows.

    But you do have excellent stability and backwards compatibility and security...
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