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  1. Hello :) I'm Jessica. I'm a 26 year old hermit that likes to hang out with my dog and watch Youtube. I'm new here and I think I've spent the last 3 days looking for a new site to join. I was on subeta, for the cute little games and their roleplaying, but upon revisiting it after a couple years I have found a massive decline in well, the entire site. So on to greener pastures! I'm looking to shake the rust off my writing joints and maybe occupy my free time a bit. I'm a little taken back here but I should get on my feet here soon :) I just have to create an all new character to start and make myself look 'presentable'. Meaning I need a super rad avatar and siggy!

    I'd love to create conversations, stories and friendships as cliché and tacky as that sounds :) I've got severe anxiety coupled with major depression, which mixes well with me being a hermit and liking to roleplay ha! I'm hoping to get involved here soon so here's to seeing me out there!!

    Btw, I'm a Jedi Master that has beaten all Elite Fours and graduated top of her Slytherin House at Hogwarts
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  2. Oh hey there! Don't feel like you need to make a character of yourself here, most of us are pretty welcoming and friendly. Welcome to iwaku. I'm glad you chose us to join instead! I know the site is big and overwhelming so feel free to ask me or any other staff members any questions you might have. If you need an avv and siggy as well, we do have a newbie care package that can offer you things like that! :)
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  3. Welcome to the site, and hopefully you enjoy it here. Don't worry about being a wallflower, there are a ton of people here who prefer to lurk.

    We don't really have an over-arching forum setting, so there's no need to build a forum character, unless you prefer to have a persona to interact with people. On the other hand new characters can be a lot of fun, so any excuse is a good excuse
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  4. Thanks for the welcome! I plan on being myself here What I had meant by creating a character was I needed characters to rp with ha! I haven't done this in so long I don't have any of my old writings, pre-written intros, characters or plot ideas. I'm starting from scratch all the way here
  5. Welcome to Iwaku :) I was hoping you could let me in on the differences between a wall flower and a roof flower. I've always wanted to know.
  6. Whaaaat that fack does that say?! Lmao

    @Ner0 A wallflower is a shy or awkward person at a party or gathering. Like the kid that's just sitting off on the side not really interacting with anyone. That's the meaning I'm intending behind my name, anyways. Otherwise it's also the name of a type of cabbage haha. As far as a roof flower goes, I'm going to assume it's a flower grown on the roof of some building, and that could be wrong?
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  7. It entertains me greatly that you took my question seriously :). Well I wish you luck in you endeavours on this wonderful site. I am sure you will fit in just fine :)
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  8. Ha!!!! I just got it. Maybe it's too early for me? Lmao, I'm lame.
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  9. Not lame, you just suffer from over exposure to morning. It's a thing that affects all people.
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  10. I feel like I'm being picked on lol
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