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  1. Then you might be just who I'm looking for....
    A vampire who isn't afraid to act like one!
    Twilight fans beware....
    This thread sure ain't for you!

    Okay, here's how it starts....
    You've moved to an area that has everything you could ever want nearby. There's only one problem....
    You're alone.
    Doesn't seem like an issue at first, does it?
    But eternity is a very long time to spend alone, so why not go explore?

    Though vampires are amazing, any type of creatures are welcome! Join now!

    Link to Signup:

  2. "You look way too nice to be at a simple bar, miss. I just had to say so." Clyde stated to the attractive young lady sitting beside him. Though he was wearing black and had black hair, somehow he gave off a radiance that could have lit up an entire city. He was quite the charmer; he often seduced women into spending a night with him.... But only a night.

    "Oh, thanks." The girl said, blushing slightly.
    "I'm Heather, what's your name?" She asked, completely unaware that beneath his handsome exterior there was a predator waiting to strike.

    "I'm Clyde. It's nice to meet you." He answered, giving her a stunning smile, his dark brown eyes focused on her face and not her breasts as most men in the place might have done.
  3. *About an hour later*

    "Oh Cly, you are too funny." Heather said as she stumbled inside her apartment. He'd told her his nickname and she was using it because she felt so comfortable with him already.

    "No, I swear it's all true." He replied, chuckling a little when he saw how she was walking.

    "Whatever you say, silly boy." Heather said, having made it onto her couch. She gave him as sexy a look as she could manage in her current state and then pulled off her shirt.

    He smiled wider at the sight of her bare flesh and moved close to her.
    "You smell so good. I could just eat you." He whispered before softly kissing her shoulder.
    She giggled as he did so, not knowing he was being serious....
  4. Clyde continued kissing her, his lips travelling further up until they were at her neck. Without any warning, he swiftly cupped a hand over her mouth.
    "Sorry, Heather. I'm going to kill you now." He whispered to her in an excited voice. His expression had instantly become sadistic, showing just how much he was enjoying himself. He snarled and opened his mouth wide, revealing sharp fangs. They grew longer right before he gave her neck a vicious bite, digging them in very deep. She was unable to make a sound as he forcefully took every last drop of her blood.
  5. "Fuck yes! I fucking love this game...." Alucard said as he watched the man crawl away from him. The man had every right to be afraid.... The person in front of him was drenched in blood from a woman he had just shot at point blank range and apparently wasn't going to stop there since his focus was now on him.
    "Run as fast as you can, little mouse.... The chase is so much fun...." Alucard added as he took a few slow steps toward the frightened soul. It took the man only seconds to get to his feet and then he did run as fast as he could.
  6. Alucard laughed, clearly amused. He could have easily shot the man, but no.... He wanted to give the mortal some false hope. When the man was a good distance away, then Alucard went after him. He seemed to disappear into the dark, becoming only a shadow. The man had just glanced back when Alucard arrived in front of him. The doomed soul bumped straight into him and screamed in extreme terror.
    "It seems the chase is over." Alucard stated, grinning with his sharp teeth in plain view. Since he was so tall, he had to actually lean over to seize the fairly short man. After he had hold of the mortal, he began tearing him to shreds.... Using only his pointed teeth to do so.
  7. Lana was just around the corner when she saw Alucard and his prey. "Alucard? Is that you?" she asked with a bit of confusion on her face. Lana's history with Alucard was a long one but were friends in her book. "You always had a way of hunting." she said coming closer to him in order to prevent from making a kill.
  8. A charming smile graced Alucard's face when he saw her, though it was tough to make out his finer features with all the blood on it.
    "Lana. How nice it is to see you. Did the scent of death attract you?" He asked as he released the man's body, letting it fall to the ground.

    ((Good thing you caught me before I went to bed. I can stay up longer just for you. ^_^))
  9. "Death, didn't attract me, in fact your essence did. I live right around the corner from here plus I was on my nightly walk. Where is MCP?" she said moving closer to him and stepping over the body.

    ((I'm going to bed now anyway.))
  10. Alucard was obviously flattered by her first sentence because he smiled wider. He was actually so enthralled by her that it took him nearly half a minute to answer her question.
    "She is away.... Most likely killing someone just as I was." He stated in a pleased voice.
    "Why do you ask?" He inquired a moment later while raising an eyebrow.
  11. Soul was wandering through the city, as she often did. It was rare that she needed time away from her brother, but tonight she sure did. It felt as though the two were drifting apart ever since he had met Asuka.... She sighed quietly and the sound was like the whisper of a lonely ghost.... If he were to forever leave her side, it would be difficult for her to move on.... Not because she loved him, but because he always came up with new evil plans that could benefit her.

    MCP was 'playing' with an unlucky man who had just been passing by. So far she had broken his legs and several ribs.... Just to watch him scream in shock and then squirm in pain.... She was much more like Alucard than most people realized....
    "So.... Do you want to beg for mercy now? Or just lie there and whimper like a stupid dog?" She asked, a sadistic grin on her face. Her fairly long fangs were poking out from between her lips and her eyes had widened in excitement. This was definitely her idea of a fun night....
  12. Clyde was on the move again; having left poor Heather dead inside her own apartment. He hadn't been in a very vicious mood because her death could have been much slower and.... messier. Not a single red drop had been spilt on his clothes and his teeth seemed as clean as ever.... There was no trace of his crime....

    The seemingly helpless man MCP had in her sights wasn't actually so helpless. He had a small pistol in his pocket, but he had been attacked so swiftly that he didn't have a chance to use it.... Until now. As fast as he could, he yanked it out and shot her in the head. This would have been an excellent move.... Except she was a vampire so it didn't do much. She touched the small wound on her head and then licked her own blood off her hand.
    "That wasn't very nice. I think you need to be punished." She stated, scolding him as if he were a child. She then seized the weapon from him before he could fire again.
    "Please let me live. I have a family!" The man pleaded while crawling away from her.
  13. "I was just wondering cause I havent seen either of you for awhile." she said softly. Soon her senses were heightened, "I must be on my way." she sensed Clyde looking for her.
  14. "Goodnight then." Alucard said, sensing that something or someone had caught her attention. Though his intent had been to kill many more that night, seeing Lana had taken most of that urge away.

    Clyde was leaning against the side of a building when a young woman passed by. His darker nature wanted to reach out, grab her, and hurt her.... But he resisted. He was waiting for someone else....
  15. "Goodnight Alucard." she said softly and went on her way. Walking just a few blocks, she let her senses lead her straight to Clyde. She saw him leaning there, and came up to him. "Hello, there Clyde. Nice evening out? What made you contact me this evening?" she said positioning her self in front of him and using her arms to block him so he wouldn't move.
  16. "Haven't you noticed? There aren't many vampires in this city lately.... You have heard that there's a slayer around, haven't you? I could kill her, if I only knew where she was. That's why I need you." Cly stated, sounding as confident as Alucard.
  17. "Yea, I have noticed. A bit odd, don't you think? MCP, where is she? I haven't seen or heard from her in awhile. Yes, I have heard of the slayer, always on my guard 24/7. Are you asking me to join forces with you after what happened." she said with a little bit of a confused face.
  18. "MCP's become more of a rogue nowadays. She's very worried about the vampires who remain nearby, and she's been acting more vicious because of that concern. I would do my best not to surprise her if I were you." He warned, though his expression stayed indifferent.
    "As for joining forces, I'm afraid you wouldn't be of much help. All I want is information.... Such as, have you seen anyone or anything strange?" He asked.
  19. Mena was on edge. She was always on edge, but little was ever likely to change that. The life she had chosen for herself was not an easy one, and was rife with indescribable dangers, not that this really frightened her. Mena was a bit of a thrill seeker, and it appeared that she liked to take this to extreme. Hunting ran in her family, though usually it was not a hobby to be enjoyed, rather a calling to be undertaken solemnly. Well, fuck that, Mena was going to do things her own way, just as she always had done.

    The nights had not turned up any prey for some weeks now, and Mena was beginning to think about moving on from this place, but still she held out, something telling her that somewhere around here there was some sport to be had. So, the slender woman stalked the usual haunts of vampires - anywhere idiot humans hung around, generally - grey eyes constantly surveying the area, though she always made an effort to appear weak and a little tipsy. Even if she only attracted a small fry vampire who could only take on vulnerable women, she would still enjoy the righteous kill.
  20. "Miss, are you all right?" Slice asked the woman near him, using the Southern accent so many knew him by. Tonight he had some blue contacts on and they were a very sharp contrast to his pale skin. They added color to his otherwise dreary appearance. He looked like a goth, as he often did, but there was still something oddly inviting about him.