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  1. Then you might be just who I'm looking for....
    A vampire who isn't afraid to act like one!
    Twilight fans beware....
    This thread sure ain't for you!

    Okay, here's how it starts....
    You've moved to an area that has everything you could ever want nearby. There's only one problem....
    You're alone.
    Doesn't seem like an issue at first, does it?
    But eternity is a very long time to spend alone, so why not go explore?

    Though vampires are amazing, any type of creatures are welcome! Join now!

    Link to thread:

  2. May I play a werewolf? By chance?
  3. Of course you can! I have to admit, they aren't my favorite creature, but I will grow to love him or her! ^_^

    I will now post my main charie and you can look up the rest on my other thread or just ask about them.
  4. Name: MCP <o:p></o:p>
    Other names/sometimes called: Little vampire
    Age: 2,008 years old, but she looks about 20! (As with all people, she can seem younger or older depending on factors such as her clothes, expression, hair style, etc.)
    Species: 100% vampire!
    Gender: Female. What the deet did you think she was?! O_O
    Mate: Alucard
    Personality: She is often random and unpredictable. She can be very sweet or very mean; it depends on her mood which can change rapidly, drastically, and frequently. It takes a lot to scare her. Nevert hink for a second that she is not paying attention unless you want to be destroyed. She is clever, but usually keeps that hidden until she wants it to be revealed. Though she enjoys killing, she has a sensitive heart. She will always protect anyone she loves or someone with the odds against them.
    Family/History: The only direct member of her family that has not been destroyed is Dracula. He is her great grandfather. She now has a great-aunt named Odette, who is the daughter of Dracula and Ash.
    Looks: No photo exists! She blends in with humans really well because she looks just like one. She does not have wings and her eyes never turn red. She has shoulder-length very dark brown, curly hair. I will not tell you anymore because that would ruin it for you when she pops upbehind you!
    Least favorite colors: Pink, Gold, and Black
    Weapons: Whatever she feels like using! She prefers physical combat and enjoys slowly torturing/mutilating her victims before actually killing them.
    Powers: She is a deeting vampire! If you ask her what her powers are, then they are going to be the last thing you see! Powers?! You really are a stupid deet, aren’t you?!
    Abilities/Extras: She has clones she can use, but they are not perfect replicas and she does not use them that often anymore. She is a lot tougher than most vampires due to her relation to Dracula, but she also needs more blood than them. This makes it necessary for her to feed on multiple humans and her thirst comes back stronger and faster. She also craves the taste of vampires’ blood more than humans’, which can be a problem at times.
    Loves: She loves many things! Some of them are blood, torture, gore, animals/creatures, and music.
    Weaknesses: Sunlight, other vampires, and her emotions
    Trusts: Ash, Odette, Clyde, and Alucard
    Other: Even I do not always know what she is going to do next, so you should always be prepared for something to happen!
    Thanks for reading! Maybe you will live long enough to read it again.... Maybe....

    FYI: Deet is just a word I used instead of a cuss word or blank or whatever. Kind of strange, but who cares? ^_^
  5. I'll do my first post tomorrow if I have time, which I most likely will since it's Sunday or Sonntag in German.

    Sweet dreams!! ^.^
  6. Okay, I shall be posting now! If you have trouble finding the actual thread, just wait until after I post on it and it will appear on the first page. ^_^


    Or click the link that I listed in my first post here.
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  8. May I join?
  9. Of course! ^_^
  10. Yay! thank you!*hugs*
  11. You're welcome. *Hugs back* ^_^
    Just click on the link in the first post and it will take you to the actual thread where you will see I have written a few scenes. XD
    You can either jump in with one of those or just do a random start and setting. ^_^
  12. Can I be a male vampire but he sticks to himself and comes across you?
  13. Yessir, you sure can! Hm.... I'm thinking I might play as Soul. She's not a normal vampire, but a species I made up called a sampire or varrow. It's a vampire that doesn't use its fangs to feed. It lives on two emotions, anger and sorrow. It can drain any creature that experiences either. Also has black irises. It has several other characteristics, but I'll just let those be surprises.


    You can post first, if you want. ^_^

    Edit 2:

    I gtg for like ten minutes. See you in a little bit!
  14. I'm back. *Smiles in a cute way*
  15. Hmm alright sounds interesting :) I'll think up a character lol maybe we can find some character that comes across each other, and falls for my character or something like that unless you can make up a better one. I like to play hard and difficult roles to push my brain and writting skills over the limit and to the test. If you know what I mean.
  16. Sounds good. I enjoy making unexpected twists and such. My characters are pretty developed since I have had like 4 other threads in the past on other sites. One of my old threads was over 700 pages, I think. XD


    The last one I was at was over 70 pages, but the person who I was RPing with had a boyfriend who forbid her to RP anymore. He called it 'cheating'. WTF is up with that? The RP was just for fun. I had tons of ideas for what we could do next, but now I've had to start from nothing on this site. >.<
    Not that I should complain, but it's just a bit annoying.
  17. WOW now that is bullshit! That guy should get his balls cut off for something idiotic like that which is my opinion. And sweet can't wait almost got my character all thought up. I write it down on a peice of paper then reserch it and see what fits better with it. I try to picture me as the character and all :)
  18. I put a lot of work into my characters too. If I can't think of a good species, I make one up. So far I've made sampires/varrows and jinx/curse/cursed angels. I'm also planning to make a Jack The Ripper charie that will be a creature called a Guetling (pronounced and spelled in German) / Gutling (pronounced and spelled in English).

    I'm sure she will be able to RP again one day.... I'm just almost lost without her though, so I hope it's soon. We've been RPing for at least a year together, probably closer to 2.
  19. I posted, just so you both know. ^_^
  20. Awesome! I've been so busy that this my first time on in a few days.