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  1. You can call me Becca since it's my name, however I also respond to Hex, you, hey, and various throat-clearing sounds.

    From my post's title you can assume I'm new to Iwaku and perhaps even roleplay itself. You'd be about three quarters correct. I've been on a creativity dry spell for a couple years now so I've just about forgotten even the basics of roleplay. I trashed my old characters, discontinued half finished novellas, and even stopped listening to music.

    I'm here to rekindle my interest in writing, make a friend, and learn how to hatch idea babies!
  2. Hallo there Hex, welcome to the community!
  3. Welcome to your new home~!
  4. Ah! A home? for a straggler like myself? I feel fuzzy. ^_^

    Hallo miss/ter owl. Thank you!

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  5. We are fuzzy! <3!
  6. Welcome, and please make yourself at home. If you need some suggestions on where to go, I have a few in mind. If you're looking for something more exact, what's your main interest? I'll look some up for you.
  7. Greetings Hex!

    That was an...odd yet hypnotizing and well placed music video...

    Welcome to Iwaku, You will fit in here perfectly.
  8. I'm not sure of myself, so I'll check listings in the fantasy and jump in sections. I might need to read some roleplays to get back in the swing of things.
    It is a much more hypnotizing video and song if you play it on 1.25 speed. I've full of videos like these... asiangirldbands:heart:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.