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Well, my last, and first, attempt to create a role play nose dived from the clouds of imagination, to the deep abyss of the unwanted ideas. Apparently I type too long, I expect other people to actually have an imagination, and I'm uninteresting (Probably because I type a lot). So. I was wondering... Maybe I should castrate my ideas and just be some boring follower to a popular and unoriginal rp idea? Those are popular, right? I'm not a patient person. I don't want to spend weeks discussing an idea then finally write in the rp section based on other people's ideas and not my own. I don't understand why I can't just do that. I don't understand why people won't join OR use their imaginations when I just type up a story like that.

I type decent, I have a functioning imagination and I'm normally not a negative person. I'm just a little peeved right now. I have many OC's and I think maybe I should just join an all ready existing role play, but I don't like just randomly starting in some role play with no order, no turns among players. I'm used to one on one but I think multiplaying could be interesting but I never participated in one before.

I was wondering who would adopt me into their rp. I have many OC's, as stated before, but, I'm heavy on the description so describing each of them here would turn this topic into another "boring and long" descriptions and then no one would read them... Ever. I normally stay away from modern role plays. Who'd be interested in role playing with me?
Lol it's not your typing (or maybe it is) but some roleplayers just had a lot to handle at the time. But i'd be interested in RPing with you :p
All right, should I join your role play, or vice versa?
I already have given birth to a monster called "The Hacker's Apocalypse".
Lol, oh yeah i remeber that. Why not ry your hand at another, a oneXone if I may ask?
First: Having a hissy fit like this is a waste of yours and everyone's time. D: It does not solve your problem and gives everyone a really bad impression of you. They'll be afraid to join your future roleplays because they will think you'll get pissy any time something doesn't go the way you like, or when you become impatient. If you are an impatient person, you need to work on that! I REALLY think a lot of your RP-trouble is coming from the attitude you're projecting at everyone... Change your attitude and perception, you'll have better experiences. XD

SECOND: I did a search for your roleplay -> The Hacker's Apocalypse, right?

I think no one joined your roleplay is because it was posted in the wrong places and advertised in the wrong ways.

The IC thread has people's OOC posts in there for some reason. *Eyeballs Tenchi* I don't know if that's because the thread was originally in Signups/RP Talk and got moved (and mods forgot to delete the OOC posts) or if a certain guy over there is an idiot. XD But someone should have deleted those OOC comments for you. That prolly didn't help.

Third: Your OOC Thread had no information for people to get a quick idea about what you wanted for your roleplay. Sakura tried to help you and you pretty much ignored her suggestions. Players REALLY need an idea of what you want in your roleplay, even if all you want to tell them is "Wing it!". Keeping a roleplay simple doesn't mean you can skip out on giving players an idea of what you're expecting. Especially if you're a young lady with high expectations for your stories.

I think with some better organizing and some RP advertizing, you should be able to run your RP no problem. You just gotta have patience and actually keep trying!
I'LL THROW HISSY FITS WHEN I WANT! D< -topples desk- /)o[]o/)

But it's too haaaaaard Dx

But the people in muh story D: You don't think they didn't know what to do?